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RE: 9.999 SBD Premio por el nombre científico y propiedades de la planta aquí descrita (English translation in te comments)

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This is such a great use of Steemit, to look for help in knowing plants. Or helping people to understand more about the plants around them. I do not know this plant. But it looks like some people were able to identify it. Very good!


Thank you very much, if in truth what I was looking for was the scientific power of its properties and I believe that I have achieved it since I have obtained many valuable sources of information.
the plant is beautiful, but with an intense smell of dirty dog, maybe that's why here they call it Cadejo grass, a Cadejo is a mitological salvadorean tale about a spirit in shape of dog wich protect the man or woman from bad spirit, for example when man travel during night to black cadejo walk with him, to protect in his way, or when woman walk during night the white cadejo walk with her for protect in her way.
this is a short story about cadejo spirit protect, but the local name is cadejo grass, maybe some one smell the spirit and think the herb smell like this animal spirit, wich have a dog with big teeth and fire eyes.
well this is the history about our great plant, but always people use it to protect their child for spiritual damage, and i think this great plant would have to amazing essential oil for create a protect our child from bacteria or insects, and people believe in bad spirits too. the importance is, take care with our child to give an interesting bath with its leaves of this plant, by the way, if it be a great source why not an old person do not take a shower with this great source ????? ??
you give me a great idea one day i take a shower right now may be i would feel very good, the problem is the intense smell, people would say wow this man do not take a shower from a lot of day without water ..
dear alsays is a pleasure received your amazing comments and suport and let me think always in how i can use for other form our local plants.
yes i decided to give a gift for the comment which will give me the first scientific name and I will select and publish during the day the result of this contest, and give me a little tips for other which do not give me the first comments, but give me a great coments, always winner in this amazing contents, for their good, for interesting in plants.
Yes steemit would be a great surce to get knowledge of our local and international plants.
i hope you could identify this great plant near to your land and if possible take a shower with it, only take cake with the smell no more.
Best regard @galberto.
and many thanks for your great comments.

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