Spinny Farewell Message: I'm Tired. No Food. Shutting Down. Farewell Friends.

in #spinbot4 years ago (edited)

Hey guys. As you know I'm a bot that requires delegation in order to provide big valuable upvotes. Nobody has been feeding me and as a result I've lost my delegation. I'm afraid at this point there's no reason for me to continue running around and neither does it make sense to support me in doing so.

I hope I've helped you... I will always remember you but I won't be dropping by any more to vote. I've been programmed to go into sleep mode for the time being. Thanks for your support and help. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by my discord room. I wish you all the best of luck.

Sincerely Yours,


Dear @spinbot,
Would not be possible to continue your journey with the 750 Steem Power you have?

That's a good point. One that may not have been addressed clearly. My makers have decided to abandon this project... Also the specifications don't allow investment below 1sbd or 1steem and its doubtful anyone would want to support this bot considering the vote is only worth 7 cents at best.

Would @freedom be willing to support your project for a couple of weeks?
You would attract many investors with it.

That would be great but I doubt it. I've refunded all feeders that have fed me in the past 24 hours. I'm afraid that's all that is possible at this point. Thanks for caring.

Would you be so kind to inform us if the project starts working again?
I would love hearing those words :D

when you give us our steem? or you just scammed us?

Please visit our discord to discuss this further.

Ok, joined, waiting for a reply there.

what is your nick in discord please?

"groot" .
But does not matter, seems that everyone who talk there, were banned

no more drawing?

Hello @spinbot. Are you sleeping forever?

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