Breatharianism; the rise of not needing physical sustenance.

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In the westernized world, and in most developed countries, a culture of biting off more than we can chew has steadily arisen.

The inflation of this culture has come about due to societal preconceptions, and heavy marketing from a multitude of corporations telling us to stuff our face.

The grim reality is that most of us are eating food not directly related to optimizing our health; food that could be classified as “extra” or “junk”.

This “extra” food is unnecessary as it is unrelated to the enhancement of our health.

However, according to Breatharians, it is not only “waste” food that is unnecessary; but ALL food.

According to Breatharians, human beings do not need physical sustenance to survive and thrive; but can rely solely on water and prana energy (the spirit of all in all; i.e. spiritual sustenance), to sustain their energy at a high level of vibration AND maintain health.


Indeed, some say that we do not even need to take in water, as the air we breathe naturally contains needed moisture.

Breatharians proclaim that “needing to eat food” is merely a belief based on conditioning; a generational pattern that can be broken by deriving our energy directly from the energy that is all around us, rather than from food.

They claim that eating food is often an unknown addiction….one that we believe enhances our health but that more often than not degrades our health.

Like any addiction, it is something that we must slowly break away from if we wish to stop depending on it.

One of the most attested theories of why humans don’t need food is that we are created perfect; our bodies are created to house our spirit, which provides for itself and needs nothing extra.

Only when we fail to take in this natural energy that is all around us do we need to rely on food.

The very reason we eat food is for energy - but if energy is naturally occurring everywhere, we can just harness energy via intention and conscious breathing - which is exactly what breatharianism implies.

Since we are metaphysical beings in a metaphysical universe, it should come as no surprise that what we need is not FOOD, but merely the energy it contains.

People who fast notice that their body produces ketones after 14 hours of not eating.
Ketones are essentially pockets of water-soluble energy that the body uses to naturally feed itself when we aren’t putting food into our bodies.

However, ketones are only a bodily response of someone who is addicted to food.

It should be clearly evident that it is not ketones or food that the body needs to maintain its health but an overflowing amount of spiritual energy.

….So why the melodrama about HAVING to eat three meals a day to maintain our health and energy?

Humans do not need to rely on food that does not optimize their health in order to optimize their health....this idea that we do is simply preposterous.

Due to the fact that even most fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals, there is a rare amount of foods that WILL optimize your health.

Fruits and veggies that are not chemically sprayed or genetically modified are obviously beneficial to health….but to what degree?

Is it ABSOLUTELY necessary for humans to eat food to maintain or improve their health?

Or can health be maintained simply via the magnification of spiritual energy?

If your still not sure, check this out before we continue;

The fact that humans eat so much food is directly related to enslavement.

When we rely on eating food to survive and thrive, even when it is not optimizing our health, we are misguided.

Indeed, reliance on food keeps us enslaved in the 3D matrix by making us think we need physical sustenance when in truth all we need is spiritual sustenance which comes to us in a variety of ways including via the very air we breathe.

Our bodies will naturally produce everything we need with the exception of air and water.

This is because we have been created complete, in the image of God; we have mouths and stomachs only to talk and enjoy food or in times where we actually need to rely on food. (aka being trapped in the wilderness)

However, I don't think we were ever meant to be enslaved by food (not by God's will at least).


Epi-genetics proves that our DNA conforms to its environment, which is created by the chemicals produced by our thoughts.

This means that everything our body needs for perfect health can be produced by the body itself.

Starvation, therefore, is not a lack of food, but a lack of nutrients produced by the mind/body/spirit.

The only reason people starve because of lack of food is that we have been so conditioned to eat food for health, that we have come to believe that food is what keeps us alive.

We therefore stuff our faces with food that is not even healthy, somehow believing that it will keep us in optimal health.

Thus, our belief in food as being the only source of bodily nutrients keeps us from finding other ways to produce nutrients, and keeps us reliant upon food.

This keeps us in a cycle of having to eat mostly unhealthy food without even being able to choose otherwise.

So you want to become a breatharian?

By drinking high alkaline water and practicing conscious, deep breathing, we can learn to restore our health naturally and without food intake.

However, as with anything, this is a process that takes time.
I recommend that you begin by fasting, and move into a vegan diet while simultaneously fasting every so often.

After you have mastered this, I recommend moving onto a liquitarian diet, which is basically blending fruits and vegetables into a liquid and having that be the only food that you consume.

After a while of eating like this, drinking high alkaline water and consistently meditating, you may find that you no longer even need the liquid shakes, and can rely only on water and prana energy.

If you continue with this practice until you no longer even need water, you have become a breatharian.

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This is interesting... I'm not quiet sure if I believe that we don't need food to survive, so I'll be doing my own bit of research there. But it is interesting, and well written.

There are so much I want to say but I decide to just go to the point. 1st the theory of breatharianism is quite interesting. If humans doesn't need to eat anymore then we can avoid starvation that had been plaguing the world, specially Africa. But it will have a severe effect on the food and beverage industry and this will result in a world wide economic depression. 2nd I disagree with what you said that the human body is perfect, nothing is perfect, even the universe is not perfect. Only God is considered perfect. 3rd we humans have stomachs that digest our food that gives nourishment to our body. So not eating is just going against nature. This are just my opinion, I hope I didn't offend you in any way. Your article about breatharianism is very interesting and I have an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day.


.this was my initial thought that our stomachs are made to digest....but is that just because we are told this?
.im not sure what i believe except that I get super hungry if I haven't eaten

I Really Like Your Post And visit My post @foridulislam And Upvote.. thanks you

Visit your blog you mean...where your posts are archived ;)

(just helping you to learn better English.)

.very really interesting read
.causes me to think deeply about how achievable this would be
.hmmmmmmmmm points to ponder 🤔
.great post!!

There is much evidence on this subject.

Theoretically, the Holy Spirit should be all you need to sustain yourself

.i agree!
....suppose I should've said attainable "personally"
.im not there yet....but maybe someday🤔

....And you don't have to be! If you choose to go this route it is a long process - but it is a personal choice for you and of coarse is by no means absolutely necessary.

However, if you want to reduce your amount of food intake I suggest eating healthier foods when you can, drinking filtered, high alkaline water, and meditating at least once every few days ! :)

informative post.Next time you must post about BTC. Thanks

Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.

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