Find Out What Really Goes On In Your Body During Sex

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There are two realms in life, the physical and the spiritual realm. Every activities, thoughts, creative inventions, habits and all manner of things that happens in the physical can be
traceable or has its root in the spiritual.

For instance, a mad man can be physicallysaid to be mentally insane or deranged inmind. But in the spiritual realm, he’s been troubled by a demon who affects his spirit and mind. He’s being subjected to a force that is greater than his own will.
Now, coming to the angle of sex, don’t get scared but realize this fact, the process of joining yourself together with another person in sex creates a transmission of fluids.
Medically, this is proved. This is why there’s every tendency to contact sexually transmitted diseases from another sex partner.
Beyond the excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution stage that occurs in the physical, have you thought of what would happen in the spirit world, provided it’s marital sex, premarital or extramarital sex?
Oh, there’s condom and the likes. Agreed!
But contraceptives cannot stop the emotional and spiritual connection that is created in this sacred action.
God created sex and Him only has the truths regarding how and where it should be done– in marriage.
Here are what happens during sex in the spiritual.

  1. A covenant is initiated
    Just like a contract that involves the agreement of two or more people before it’s entered into, the same thing happens during sex..
    A covenant is an agreement to do or not to do a thing. That you agree to have sex implies that you agree to be ‘joined’ to him or her regardless of who he or she is.
    This is why it’s said that whosoever that is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For “the two,” He says, “shall become one flesh.” (1 Cor. 6:16). To join also means “unite”. No matter the contraceptives you use, a joining has occurred and if you stop the act, it doesn’t separate you two.
    What do you think would happen to a lady that was disflowered or had a ‘great’ sex with her first boyfriend and they met years later? Immediately, there’s going to be a desire to reunite sexually because a covenant has been made.
    If she did not break free from that first connection, there’s every tendency that she will go back even if she’s married with children. This is a phenomenon that many cannot explain and it also applies to the male folks.
    And just before you establish a covenant with that person through sex, I know it’s pleasurable but consider the consequence.
    If the person is demon possessed which cannot be discerned by the natural mind, you’ll do your life more harm by joining yourself together with him or her. And if he or she isn’t possessed, you’re joined together with whatever spirit, soul and bodily issues he or she might have.
  2. A soul tie is established
    Bonding occurs when two objects are fused together by a force or substance. A soul is a spirit or the essence of a thing and a tie is a strong connection between two people. Any sex you have with another person creates a soul tie between you two.
    Whether it’s marital sex or the perverted ones, there’s a soul tie that is created when you have sex. This is why singles must pray very well before they choose whom to marry.
    Some people were bonded to a partner with spiritual diseases such as bad luck, failure and the likes. When you have a soul tie with that person, you’ve shared from their problem. I’m not scaring you but this is the uncommon reality and only few would agree to it because My people are perished for lack of knowledge – Hos. 4:6
    Sex is sweet because your body demands for it. But consider the effect if you don’t delay gratification until the right time. There’s more to it than the orgasm, excitement or the ‘scientific’ benefits you’ll get from it.
    On a last note, no amount of contraceptives you’ll use that would stop these processes from happening – covenant and soul tie.
    The best pill to use is to swallow the ‘bitter’ pill of abstinence and ask for the grace of God while you flee temptation and don’t negotiate with it.

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