Your Demons are Just You

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The title speaks for itself and there really isn’t much to say here. Let this statement marinate. I know this topic may scare a few people away but I am going to tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth. Also, understand that every person on the planet goes through the same thing and that there is a time and reason for everything. Therefore to think you are alone, in the pain that you experience or the cycles you go through is false news. Yes, you are the only one who has to experience your own personalized journey, but to make it that your life is harder than anyone else’s is false. And to put people down, because you think your life is harder than someone else’s is just unnecessary. Sure, there’s people out here that have it easier than others, but it is not to say that they are not experiencing their own demons as well.

When we see people on social media and the internet, who have worked hard for their success, much of the time we don’t get to see the hard work put in nor do we ever get to see the full story behind what made them who they are. What are you every going to offer to the world if you never experience anything in life. Every person on the planet has to battle whatever demons they have, and have to come out of the other side strong. The weak choose to stay where they are, drowning out their demons in whatever sedative they can. You must experience hardships, to have a breakthrough and that is the cycle of life.

Think about the cycle of death and rebirth. When someone dies in the physically realm, we mourn their death. When someone is born in the physical realm, we celebrate. Of course we experience all kinds of other emotions in the mix but this is just an example. Anyways, every time we die spiritually you usually go through something you really don’t want to experience. But what happens when you come back to life and you are reborn? You come back with more awareness. W hen you are in a death stage, most of the time you don’t see yourself. You usually don’t realize what delusion you were in until afterwords. When you began to see your own interactions with others, as if you were standing behind yourself, you are entering a new stage of awareness. You began to see yourself and others for what they really are. You can then proceed to decide if you want to change this situation or if you want to keep it the same.

Many of us will encounter our demons through others. Our positives and negatives will show through all the people we are usually surrounded by or people we tend to attract. When you encounter your own demon in another person it is a reflection of what’s inside of you. So, you may blame this person for hurting you in a relationship but there was also something missing or some issue you had within to even allow it to happen. Now, yes somethings traumatic happen to people that they never asked for, but like I mentioned in my book Bipolarity, how can you ever say you knew them, if you don’t know their heart and soul. You don’t know their ancestral DNA, patterns, generational curses, history, and you damn sure don’t know who they were in a previous lifetime. Only the Source, Creator, Universe, Ultimate Reality knows a person’s heart and soul. The flesh, the physical body never really mattered, truth is no matter how much you deny it everything is a spiritual thing. Everyday you wake up, every walk you take on your journey, and every experience on your journey is a spiritual one.

Stop blaming the source, and every other person for your own demons. What must you change right now? If I’m not living the life I always dreamt of, what must I change right now to move forward? This pandemic is a blessing in disguise for every person. Even if caused some kind of destruction in your life, it needed to happen. Why not get the dirt out the way and then began to walk towards the good and exciting part of life? Sure, I can understand if curve balls have made you upset, they used to make me upset but it’s all for a larger purpose. The shit is probably way bigger than you can ever imagine. Of course, if you choose to stay dancing with your own demons that’s just the life you choose, but don’t be upset about it. One thing about it is your’e never going to heal, be happy, live freely, and truly be empowered if you choose that route.

Now I never said getting rid of your own demons was going to be quick and easy. Some people are born into terrible circumstances and have to deal with it later. You just simply need to give things time, take your time, and just keep looking ahead. Acknowledge what it is that is bothering you or that is constantly affecting you and your decision making. Let go or release it forever and even if it still comes back continue practicing releasing it until it’s no longer apart of you. Humble yourself and express gratitude often, because you made it to the next day. You have another chance to create a better life for yourself. The goal is to not experience death anymore. You will eventually reach a point in your life, where you will be living so goddamn good that you just can’t die anymore. You will simply live in an elevated state of awareness where you see through all bullshit, you live freely off the planet, and you can wake up everyday feeling good. You can do what you want, when you want and nobody on the planet can take it from you. You create your own reality and trust and believe you will be living in another world or reality within this one earth. The earth has many layers, don’t be fulled by what the naked eye only see’s.

When I say do what you want that doesn’t mean hurt and take advantage of others just because you have the power too. Sick acts come with terrible consequences. Stop thinking that those evil rich people who traffic children and treat people like animals, won’t get a punishment. Trust that they will, because they always do even when they die and come back, that karma sticks with them and their children. Understand that whatever battle, or generational cycle you don’t work through or break carries on to the next life. So, when I said earlier you don’t know a person’s heart and soul, you don’t. We are supposed to help and heal each other but nobody is a victim on the planet. Playing victim is selfish, if you start thinking in a “spiritual” aspect. You must know that hurt people hurt others and that’s always going to be the truth. Some people who do cruel shit, the scum of the earth, definitely deserve to die, but that is not your call to murder another and if you make it your call you better be ready to deal with the consequences.

You live, you learn, you let go. Do not force things, but take precautionary steps of action when it is necessary. Even if you never get rid of that toxic ass friend, the universe will either show you signs over and over or do the dirty work for you. If it must happen, it will happen. Stop asking the universe, “Why me?” and start asking the universe “What’s next?” Somethings that you don’t have control over, you just gotta see it through, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Are you a fighter or a quitter. Are you going to stay weak or are you going to grow strong. You have to make the choice for yourself, that is apart of the free will you are granted as a human being. Remember, no obstacle is truly an obstacle, it is only a lesson or a blessing. FEAR NO EVIL! Your demons and reality are only a reflection of you!