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RE: Green Meditation: If God made the Earth then why are “religious people” destroying God’s creation?

in #spirituality2 years ago

Can you ever really "make up" for a destructive act? After you smash the glass, don't the glue lines forever mar what was once its perfection? Is the clean sheet of paper not forever scarred after you crumple it thoughtlessly?

We can choose to act differently but it almost never "makes up" or makes amends".

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But it's better than not doing anything at all

Sometimes. Replanting a virgin forest with a single species CAN create more ongoing harm tho. So THOUGHT needs to be given as to the HOW over time. It's like planting veggies in plastic bottles. Do I do it? Hell no! Cos I don't want to eat plastic chemicals through my food too. But using them in earth building can contain the damage somewhat. For a time.