Technology is Psychedelic - A Spiritual Journey in Pictures

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This is an eye.

But where is “I”? Let’s try to look under the surface..

How about in the mirror?

And under the surface?

The visual system works hierarchically.

But how does vision become aware? A me in the brain?

How is that possible?

Can we understand by creating a robot that can see?

But would it really see? Be self-aware in seeing?

Science suggests that consciousness arises in systems that are specialized and integrated at the same time.

Through the optic nerve, our astronomy, and our telescopes, we can get a scientific view of the universe..

Let's look under the surface..

Science and technology as our extended senses reveal the structure of reality. And it is spreading rapidly..

To transform the earth and reveal ever more..

But are we revealing the world to ourselves?

Or is the world simply revealing itself to itself?


Wow! Great article @clains!

We all might just be one, after all we all come from the same dust that once was, no matter race, religion, humanoid or animal, fish or nature itself.

For shure, thank you @acidyo :)

I took way too much mescaline once and that's when I realized there was no "me".

Sounds like just the right amount :)

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Thanks for sharing!

isn't there the deep mind project of googles that is based on visual algorithms to create a deep learning process ? I think it recently win a match against the GO champion I think it was called Alpha/Go matches.
It is interesting how many similarities there is to intelligence and observance.

Check it out, you will find it interesting is my guess.

Yes! The same pattern recognition used in vision can be used in artificial general intelligence (AGI) applications. This also means that a natural consequence of such AGI will be conscious awareness - eventually. ;)

Consious by definition is not that hard to achieve for Ai I guess. That should be the stepping stone for Ai to evolve further. A necessary step indeed. I started writting a mini novel 2 months ago EVE 1089 and I was trying to chew in data about current state of Ai. I was very surprised to see the progress been made. I do have hopes it will be in our life spawn now for sure.

Awesome post my darling, makes it easier to understand the human journey <3

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