Accept unexpected blessings

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This is a true story and my personal experience with Mother Teresa.

On a whim, while visiting Calcutta, India in the 1980s my husband and I decide to go and visit Mother Teresa. After walking through very dismal conditions for people living on the streets we arrive at her Mission of Charity.

On arrival, a Nun greets us at the door inquiring as to why we were here. I told her we want to meet Mother Theresa. She left briefly and on her return said, “Mother will see you now.” It shocked me so much to know there was Mother Teresa behind the door the Nun was approaching.

I stopped her for some reason I suddenly did not feel we should take her time.

Instead, I ask the Nun take us upstairs where the nuns were praying. I told her I changed my mind.

I have pondered many times as to why I chose this path and believe it is because I really did not believe I would meet her. Then when she was behind the door I did not feel worthy to take her time.

Accept your blessings before they come or you may refuse them when they arrive.
You are worthy!

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I had a similar experience with the Dalai Lama a decade ago. I hope we've truly learned from our experiences, and will do differently the next time a similar situation presents itself.

Thank you so much for your insightful comment. You experienced what I am saying.
Many years ago we saw the Dali Lama in Houston, Texas. In an outdoor setting. He was up on a stage that was such a blessing.

Thank you for this inspirational story. But, I would rather you met her. I personally know some of her nuns in the Philippines and most of them are very accomodating.

Yes, I am sharing that we accept the blessings. When she said Mother will see you now. I did not feel worthy to take her time. Of course, now I think it would have been beautiful. I am blessed for even being that close to her presence. We did spend some time with the nuns upstairs.