Philippians 2:13
For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.


  1. What do we do when we don't feel like obeying? Like, God has left us alone in our struggles to do His will? Like God doesn't help us want to obey Him and that He doesn't give us the power to do what He wants?

  2. The secret to a changed life is to submit to God's control and let Him work within us. Let us ask God to Help us want to do His will.

  3. To change our desire to be more like Christ, we need the power of the indwelling Spirit, the influence of faithful Christians, obedience to God's word and sacrificial service.



Steemit Kids World Foundation is a Ghanaian registered non-profit organization where like-hearted individuals come together and become agents of change.

Our key areas of focus are what we believe to be the pillars of a fulfilling life - health and education.

Goal Of Steemit Kids World:

  • To help build self-confidence in kids who have gone through traumatic events and Create a joyful environment for learning
  • To educate kids about basic health, hygiene, sanitation and on their rights as a child.
    Encourage and ensure each girl become an independent thinker and self-learner.
  • To help the needy, deserving children, handicaps, orphans, and sick children by providing them with books, scholarships, school uniforms, medicines, clothes, hospitalization, food etc
  • To organize talent show programs for specially disabled kids or homeless kids to help boost their confidence and hope of a bright future.
  • To conduct health awareness programs for the kids on the streets about drugs
  • To organize social awareness camps and counseling sessions for kids going through life abuse.

Donation Address:

Etherium, or through steemitkidsworld

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It is my personal belief that God is actually "in us" all. I believe all of humankind will one day understand this. While I classify as "spiritual" and not "religious" I can now see many truths in the bible that have been misrepresented over the millennia of time. For example when God said that he created us in his image - - - It is my personal belief that he meant of "soul or spirit" and not of blood and flesh. There is never a reason to fear. Fear is from the misconceived notion that we have "separated" from God when in fact this could not be further from the truth.

When we understand that we have "God within us" - we can begin to awaken to the realization that God has never left us. God is always here; within us. We have the ability to turn within to discover our way.

Just felt compelled to share as I came across your post. Many thanks for sharing...

Amen, the Holy Spirit works in us and we need to listen to Him and obey.

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