Opening our Hearts- What they Fear Most.

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I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far in what is the western version holiday known as Easter, which in actual fact is a celebration of Ishtar the East Semitic Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and love. Its really fitting actually because love is the exact thing that I want to talk about. They can't handle it. Who you might ask? I'm talking about the dark occultists, interdimensionals, and entities that feed on human fear, anxiety, and unhappiness. The frequency of love is too high a vibration for these parasites to exist on. This is why we are constantly fed a barrage of war, suffering, poverty, scarcity, and anything else that keeps our vibrations low and our hearts closed.


The human heart is a powerful vortex which without the manipulations and unhealed trauma naturally radiates unconditional love. I said on Facebook this week that it was my guestimate that 90% of human hearts are currently shut down. This can be for a multitude of reasons and much of it can be linked back to unhealed trauma and issues from childhood which I have spoken about extensively, and am actively trying to encourage people to heal.

If I am brutally honest I would say that its only been the last year and a half or so since I have been doing the inner work that I can say I feel my heart has truly opened. Its not that I was heartless but I realised I didn't know what true, joy, and happiness felt like. Yes for fleeting moments we all do, but I'm talking consistently living from the heart on a day to day basis. This would have lowered my vibration, perfect food for the shadow beings ;) Life is so much different when you crack open your heart and you realise you can experience joy and happiness in this crazy, messed up World where there is a lot of suffering. Also by you healing your heart you're holding space for the people around you and humanity as a whole.


I am convinced humanity has HUGE potential, I am also convinced we can all love each other unconditionally where we raise the bar so high that this darkness will cease to exist. Again this is not a 'New Age' ignore everything that's bad no, we still need to face the shadows. But if we don't buy into their fear games, and retain our sense of humor as well as doing the emotional work ourselves, we can transcend this Matrix like the true alchemists we are. I have so much love for everyone facing this reality head-on, and I send heartfelt loving to whatever you maybe going through in your own life right now. You are a multidimensional powerhouse, never forget that!

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I still have limited spaces for those keen on doing some inner child work, so if you are interested just contact me directly [email protected]

I would also like to extend my thanks to all those who have supported me with my book 'Are You Living or Just Existing?' so far. For those interested, it can be found here


Have a wonderful few days holiday feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

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Tony Sayers,
Love, care, courage

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Hey! I am also doing a lot of inner work, which has been very frustrating for a long time. I have periods of pure bliss, but also feelings of meaninglessness. How do you work through times where all seems like it just doesn't matter? And what ways do you use to open your heart?

Its probably because other aspects of yourself remain unhealed. Inner child works as you heal one wounded part another one will step forward so its a continuous process until you get through all parts and take back your full essence as a human being, when we heal parts of ourselves we are also returning parts of our essence, as well as cutting the negative behavior that wounded part was projecting and returning the strengths that part took. Pop me an email if you're interested further.

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