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Alright, donkeys it's hump day and no better time to offer up another @rawdawg special @spl poker bonus!!!

We all know the importance of supporting @spl with our upvotes for posts and witness support, but the community is also about supporting other players as well. . .

So, with that being said, this bonus will focus on showing some resteem love to fellow league members. . .


  • Play in the @pcste 20 SBD Free-roll on Wednesday February 7th @ 3p.m. CST
  • Re-steem a  post for any other @spl member. (Resteems can sometimes help out more than just upvoting)
  • Upvote this post and comment "done" or any other form of confirmation prior to tourney start
  • Finish in the top 5  and resteem a members post and you get a 5 sbd bonus
  • Don't forget to resteem, I will be "spot-checking"

**Bonus will be paid at the time rewards are paid out on this post**

Good luck! 

Below is a picture of @rawdawg and his friends. . 


Count me in.


dilly dilly!

hhahahahaha ... love that painting. Pretty much applies to all the SPL members in a certain way...

hope seein you guys tonight

Done! Count me in Champ!

im in, thanks brodawg!

Tanks man, I'll try for a top 5

Remember to do a resteemof any SPL members post as well to be included. This needs to be completed by tourney start. Thanks! :) good luck

I have done

I finished 5th. and I upvoted and resteemed the PCSTE freeroll yesterday :)

Then you would be a winner. :)

*Bonus will be paid at the time rewards are paid out on this post

cool. thanks!

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who the hell are you? and whats with the 12 rep? you didnt even upvote the post you troll!