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Hello to all of you fellow Monsters! Let me say to everyone who has been here a year or have just recently started Happy Anniversary to you! There are actually quite a few people that have been here for so long since the very start! I need your name in the comments below! I am lucky to be included in them. I posted on Steemit everyday since I started the end of May, 2017. I posted mainly photographs as well as recipes. I was highly interested in finding a perfect crypto game for me though to have fun with! I saw a coming soon Steem Monsters post like 5 months prior to their release in the end of May, 2018. I found Steem Monsters literally 2 days after it was live as they started buying packs. I remember being mad I lost 2 days, lol! Back then, all you could do was to buy the cards and like myself level them up to get ready for battle which was coming around September of 2018. The cards were the first cards which are Alphas. There were not any stats on them. Everyone had gold fever as well! Including myself! You wanted to open up a Gold card as the prices were crazy high for them. Gold Foil Legendary cards were around $700 to $1200 USD value! Often at times whales would come in and buy them all up to make their set complete! Lots of people would stream their pack openings live and we had so many giveaways as well! This is my favorite t-shirt gifted to me from the awesome Team member @reseller

A wonderful community started to form into which is known now as the Splinterlands community! Founders Aggroed and Yabapmatt are outstanding Steem Witnesses and I believe their kindness rubbed off into the community. Everyone has said how much they do love Splinterlands and the community as it is truly one of a kind! So many people helping others, gifting cards, delegating cards for free,etc. I have witnessed so many acts of kindness here. It is amazing to be apart of it. Back then I had a little BTC, LTC and Ethereum. I had played crypto kitties which was awful and cryptofighters which was not much of an improvement. The Ethereum blockchain was just so slow for me and also the fees were outrageous! I felt right at home at Steem Monsters back then and eventually put all of my little crypto stash into them. With the release of DEC Dark Energy Crystals recently the game just got so much more fascinating! Wow! I can only imagine how much Splinterlands will grow more then. I love the game and I love the community here! I want to mention everyone I have ever come across in the community but know I won't be able to remember all names. Thanks so much for being here and I can't wait to see May, 2020! Splinterlands to the MOON!!!

Join me here for a brief little tour over my old videos from June, 2018 and up!

These are some of my favorite old memes!---

(( I need to go update them but about I give away 5 booster packs to the most funniest memes you can come up with! Just drop them in the comments below and 5 lucky winners will get a Splinterlands beta booster pack sent to you!))) -----------Update on 5-3-2019 I handed out 25 booster packs and am all out for now! Thanks so much for all the cool and so funny memes below in the comments!!!!!

These are just some of the people of the Splinterlands community I feel who are so special and I am so grateful are around! Thank you all so much for making this community an amazing one! If I did not mention you or spelled wrong please let me know I will add you or fix it! I am trying hard to get everyone but I think I need a bot for that hahaha!!! @yabapmatt @aggroed @ty2nicerva @rawutah @mfyilmaz @rentmoney @clayboyn @bji1203 @cranium @tailcock @davemccoy @carrieallen @chrisroberts @zipporah @isaria @travelgirl @wilhb81 @ascended-munkii @nateaguila @raynie @mrviquez @mattclarke @holozor @stoodkev @harrisonmir @jayplayco @birdinc @glory7 @coolbowser @begonethot @jftactual @cyguy @reseller @tufkat @haejin @acidyo @steemitqa @nicholaslive @ablacknerd @bittrio @dkid14 @bubke @dreamryder007 @o07 @enginewitty @exyle @followbtcnews @goldmatters @jarvie @jaki01 @interia @marcuswahl @gillianpearce @heyimsnuffles @sharkmonsters @steamdan @hashpanda @nealmcspadden @toocurious @reggaemuffin @rondras @pollux @pacolimited @randolphrope @ogreabroad @stever82 @vaansteam @zaku @olivershmid @tcpolymath @shane @flauwy @blervin @therealwolf @toddmcduck @doctorspence @dogcatcowpig @hendersonp @jacekw @beeyou @klye @merej99 @mistborn @mydays @pkocjan @rondon @sasha @stackin @steamdan @steelman @thomasg @tsnaks @trisquelwhare @cruscate @monsterstamer @zaxan @grapthar @louis88 @mhossain @Ayasha @simplymike @masterthematrix @zaku @julisavio @afrinsultana @jongolson @shoemanchu @minhaz007 @svirus @steemcryptosicko @ashikstd @singdong @blockchainstudio @cadawg @masoom @zzings @fermionico @cryptofiloz @tradingideas @maxdevaluse @liucixin @mahtabansari370 @blewitt @robinsonr810 @codebull @abh12345 @welshstacker @yosaundoni @comegetsome @thegoliath @vicaaciv @dosdudes @cryptozzy @bigjoy @senstless @marabara @wombykus @imperfect-one @themightyvolcano @fenrir78 @mellofello @steallion @toocurious @twinner @maybenexttime @coolbowser @jrvacation @azizbd @uwelang @dhimmel @gfriend96 @contestkings @kakkk @kryptokayden @cienpascal @gank @gamemusic @palikari123 @rea @cryptoeater @holger80 @ramires @pladozero @cryptkeeper17 @udow @kevinli @wonsama @ezzy @someonesomeone @goose20 @ccoin @chasingunicorns @shanelockwood from Fb (I need your name lol) @sugar-cube @jeremycrow @broxi @vcdragon @bafi @ironshield @mago-juice @sacred-agent @holozOr @motherearthist @doctorcrypyto @azizbd @nextgen222 @smhodler @zaxan @cryptomancer @reggaemuffin @just2random @theaustrianguy @nealmcspadden @stefan @pizzachain @quantumnachos @cryptoeater @endgegner @tcpolymath @wind @imperfect-one @stiant @comegetsome @jimbobbill @shaidon and I know I have others too I will edit so let me know! :-)

I do love The Big Lebowski and someone made this for me...I believe they won a pack too, LOL! I think it was xaxan..

A leaderboard long, long ago....

Don't forget to get in on this! A one year Anniversary bonus special! Limited time only!!

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May the Monsters be with you.
Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep.


thanks clove!!!!!!!!! happy one year anniversary!!! i first heard about SM's from @exyle and his amazing posts about it early on. i was already a huge fan of matt and aggroed...and used steembot tracker all the time...and read aggroed's regular posts...which were many back then. i trusted their genius! after i bought my first alpha packs...i had noooo idea what to do next. that's when i started looking for other steemians sharing ANY content at all...on the subject and FOUND YOU!'ve carved my journey here with your constant sharing...and incredible kindness. i feel like i've studied at the SM school...of clove71!!!! truly, you have give sooooooo much to ALL of us! a true leader and community member. it's an honor to battle a long side you...and lose to you most of the time lol!~ :) please keep it coming sister!!!!!!! we are with you!

You are too kind! What an incredible journey you have had! You are amazing always up there so high on the leaderboard. Exyle got a lot of people on board with those awesome posts about SM back then and even now! I did not what to do with those cards either except level them up to get ready to have a maxed set for when battling did start! I knew I wanted to battle so much! It was an accomplishment back then just to have a maxed set! What fun times and so much more to come...the guilds coming up are going to take it to a whole other level! I am excited to see what is going to happen and I am so glad and grateful to have you in this incredible community! We are all lucky!
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Thanks for the mention. Was a nice surprise!

See you on the battlefield.

Thank you for all that you have done for our community.
I think generosity and kindness is contagious so when SM promotes these behaviors, then the community will follow its leaders. You are certainly one of these leaders that make this game/community more enjoyable.

Thanks so much! I still see you on the battlefield and I'm like oh no!!! LOL! You are such a great player!! You know Guilds are coming up soon! We all need to think about that. It is going to be so much more fun too! Love it!
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Thanks, you are an awesome player too. You are in the bucket of clever players where I have to change up my strategies to try to beat you.

I am looking forward to the guilds. All the new features have been great, so it should be exciting. Although I fear if all the Champion/Diamond level players unite without including the Gold/Silver/Bronze/Novice level players, then there will be a deeper segregation between the player groups. Let's see how it turns out thought. I have no clue what are the detail of the Guild feature.

I already belong to a guild called TeamPossible. We support and help each other through sharing knowledge, upvotes, and delegations. We were lending cards before the delegation feature was available so there is a lot of trust and respect within the group.

That sounds interesting! I can't wait to see what will be going on too! I'm excited about it though! That's awesome you all have been sending cards before delegation! Nice name too! :-)

Hey men for complete 1 year with steemmonster thats really one long. Congrats for that.Also i am seeing you meet with so many people You are so cute you tried to mention all people name I just love That matter.You are so cute.Thanks mem. Also keep doing Good like that.
Hey mem here my gif entry for your this contest. I dont know so good gif making like you.I just wish that i want to join your contest thats why i participate. And i tried my best Mem.Thanks for held This conteset here my gif
Thanks again Mem @clove71 Also have a nice day..Mem..

Wow! Thanks! A booster pack was just sent to you! I love this and will definitely be using it! Awesome job! :-) Make sure to join us all in Discord or Telegram sometime! or Telegram:

Thank you so much...Mem.I am glad you like it...
Love your mentality... and I am already in server Thanks for invite.
Thanks mem.Have a nice day

Woot woot! Happy 1 year anniversary!!! This community wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for you! You are truly a wonderful person ! Thank you for all your hard work and commitment! You rock!

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You are awesome! You are truly an amazing player! Also, I'm so happy to see a girl up there all the time so high up there on the leaderboard! That is incredible and inspiring!! Keep killing them , LOL!
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Happy anniversary @clove71... you have been an absolutely incredible ambassador for the game. Always positive and always helpful! Thank you for everything you do for the whole community :)

Thank you so much for being here from the start! An original Steem Monster you are! It’s almost season ending soon!!! I wish you luck out there in the battlefield it’s pretty crazy in there now, lol!! 👍👍😁

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:) ... yes we are both originals :D

And thanks on the wishes, I'm happy to finish in Diamond 3... I briefly got into diamond 2 but got knocked back as you are right there is some serious decks being played all day!

Thanks again on the pack too... you are the best!!!

Yes!!! It’s a mad house out there!! 😂I might try again in the morning lol!!

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Great! I want to add two starter pack codes to your giveaway <3

Nice!!!! :-)
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I delegated my SP to SM for DEC so my vote is 0.0 !! LOl! I did however send you a booster pack for making me burst out laughing!! I love this!! I need a list like this of Old Timers- or Steem Monster O.G.'s that is!

Thanks for the mention. Loved the video from the beginning of SM. Great progress

Right?! Can you believe the cards so long ago and how we were all buying them with no stats or anything! I'm definitely addicted to the game, I can't help it, it is too much fun and who doesn't want to have fun?!! LOl! Glad you are here!!
Silvershield Paladin (831px, 10fps).gif

I was like a layman, I bought more than 200 packs without knowing that the cards can be used for playing or why some cards are high in the markets. hope I did not sell any legendary gold foil by mistake or maybe I didn't get any. SM is my first online gaming experience and I am very. I am playing for any miracle and rewards but yes I get lots of fun too.


and as you mentioned the Angel of Light used to be 6.99$
Even without stats.

And btw weren't the legendary cards all golden at the start ?

and when they introduced Gold Foil cards they changed legendaries into purple colour.

Yes!! All GOLD! I loved the design but I also love the modern new and futuristic designs they have as well! The site looks incredible now! This is too funny!!!! hahaha!!! Very True too!!!!
angel of light gold (421px, 10fps).gif

The alphas already a very cool classic look to them.

They are a classic for sure. :-)

Thank you very much for the pack !
Always in need of those summoners

Happy Anniversary

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LOOOOL! OMG I am dying from laughter, LOL!


Yes! Just use some potion to help! LOL!!

Happy one year! So much has changed and improved. Next year will be even that much better!

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Yes! So much has changed it is amazing we used to buy cards and I would get so excited over them and they did not have stats or anything, LOL! I'm off to go battling and try and win some more DEC!

greetings, dear and honey clove

congratulations for your 1 birthday on @steemmonsters game. I hope you have a lot of fun like i am having here...

thank you

Yes!! I'm battling now and having fun!! The game keeps getting better and better!! IMG_8370.JPG and oldie but goodie- IMG_6888.JPG

hahaha!!! Too funny!!! True- there was no market- no abilities- stats- LOL!!! So true and funny!!!

Happy 1 year anniversary with SPLINTERLANDS!


Happy 1 year anniversary @clove71 !

due to your last post I figure out this


Hahaha!!!! Yes!! I remember Steemit wasn’t told me long ago I was morphing into a Monster lol!! This is too funny!!!👍👍😂😂😂😂 Thanks so much for the laugh!!!!

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Happy anniversary @clove71 and thank you for your kindness mention..! You are a rock..!


Hey- this gif/animation here is NICE! Wow- how cool that is! I really really, REALLY Love that!! I want one too LOLOL!!!

That gif/animation was a gift courtesy by @danielvehe, dear @clove71

Nice!! I am going to his page now! Thanks!!

In this post, @danielvehe offers to make an animated gif design as return of a beta card..!

Happy 1 year anniversary @clove71!
You've been part of the success of SteemMonsters by being the most friendly and welcoming community member.
Here is my burst of laughs... I meant entry:

hahaha!!! This is so true!!!! Good one!!

Oh emm gee!! This is hilarious! 😂 I sent you 100 DEC for this in Telegram! You are seriously awesome!!! Thank you!

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Thanks :)
And thanks for everything you do for the game. Wouldn't be the same without you.

Yes you are the first person to give me a warm welcome when I first joined the discord and guided me through purchasing my first pack. And then it’s no looking back as I went on and bought another 3000 packs or so. So thank you for that. LOL.

Oh wow, so cool! You are on a nice winning streak! You're an awesome player for sure! I'm glad you are here battling it out! Only 1 more day and 13 hours until the season ends!! Time to get up there on the leaderboard and get those rewards and packs!!! Let's gooo!!!!! (I'm hype every season ending LOLOL) Thanks for being here!
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Happy 1 year anniversary!!!



Too funny!!! #DEC YESSSS

Thank you for the mention! Happy one year!

Awesome! Thanks for being here in the community! 👍👍

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Hi, @clove71!

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Although I am not strong in the schedule, I can not take part in such a wonderful contest

This is awesome!! So true too, LOL!!! Great one!!

I always get nervous when I see your name pop up as an opponent🤗

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Splinterlands and its community are awesome. Its been amazing watching this game grow from start to finish and I can't wait to see what comes next.

And an old classic that cracks me up every-time.

LOOOOL!!! These are so funny and so true!!! We didn't even have tournaments!! LOL! True True!

Thanks for the booster pack.

Water Elemental
Animated Corpse
Peaceful Giant
Crustacean King
Skeleton Assassin

@clove71 it is a great post!

I think that you were hitted to write it - you were asked in the Telegram chat as how it was at the very start!)

Sorry, right now I have not funny meme - because my thoughts right now - to tell you
Thank you to be a part of the Steem Monsters (Splinterlands)

And the quintessence of everything - this meme


Also thanks to all who have posted their funniest rightnow - really laughing out loud))

Maybe I will back here also with some another (a couples) funny meme)

P.S. All who reading this my comment - re-steem, re-steem, re-steem this post! ;)

Thanks! That is a funny one, LOL! Thanks for being here! :-) 032 - Sea Monster (714px, 10fps).gif

Happy anniversary to all SM addicts including me .... 🎉

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YES!!!! Happy Anniversary to you and to all of us!! Anyone battling or collecting or HODLING those Monsters now- Happy Anniversary!!!! I always laugh with this but it's true- "Hello my name is Chris and I'm a Splinterlands addict!" LOL!
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Woohoo, happy anniversary there @clove71 You're absolutely awesome 😀

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Yes! Too you too and everyone! Thanks for being here and making it great! :-)
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Too funny!!!!! 😂😂😂😂True too!

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thank's ! awesome booster pack :)