Game Time!

Years, more like 10 years back or so... I used to beta test MMO games as a hobby. Then the whole digital gaming genre moved away from interesting and novel RPGs. Instead they moved into war, first person shooters, and twitch-horror shooters. And lets not forget the pixelated nuisances of a particular (very popular) sandbox niche. I for one grew up -and OUT- of those 8 and 16 bit graphics when I built my first gaming PC nearly 25 years ago. And yet... people shell out gobs and gobs of money on bleeding edge hardware these days...... Just to see how many frames per second they get in that 8bit fuuuuugly game . Voxel is a neat concept... but ugh.... Really!??? 8/16 bits ?? (yes, I know about the mods and ray-tracing. I'm not convinced, even if that makes me the minority in my VERY OWN HOME.)

So ya... I'm not into shooting people or reenacting a world war "because it's fun." (I don't care if they ARE wearing a dumb___ costume and teabagging your mommy.....)


And I'm not sorry to say that.


I left the beta testing at that point to pursue the few games I enjoyed. And still do, even if they are a little "old." But hey, honestly so am I. Hah! Every once in a while I still get an invite to look at a new MMO. So far none of them have really piqued my interest enough to bother with them.

And then I started seeing these odd games pop up on different block chains. Out of sheer curiosity I thought, eh.. what the heck. Let's spend a few crypto cents on a dorky looking cat. Yeah, I am aware of what curiosity does to a cat... but satisfaction brought it back! Off course a cat has what, 9 lives? Eh, well.. so my single stupid looking cat became a half dozen.

Because... reasons. Stupid, cute, adorable, dumbfoolery-reasons. But hey, I have virtual pussy -cats now. Yay. Me. No?? Don't worry. I won't press you to take the leap into cryptokitties. I will warn you though. Stupid-cuteness abounds out there. If you are weak in the knees for bobble-eyed goofyness, beware. If you think you and a tie-dyed hairball of crypto are meant to be... have at it. I mean.. I bought 6 of them... so.... kinda (NOT) an expert in that area now. -_-

And then soooooomeone told me to look at Steem Monsters. Now known as Splinterlands.

Oh. My... well, crap. I mean, I'm a pack rat in normal life... and I was into card collecting as a kid. We were poor as a kid so my collection never out grew the literal shoe box. But it was fun, and I liked it. A few cards were actually worth some money. And they probably still are. I just haven't bothered with them in years. My better half would prefer not to have them laying around in storage "in the way" anymore. If I let her, she would toss em out I bet.

But anywhoo... Splinterlands hooked me pretty good. I conned most of family into playing and leveling up cards and yadda yadda yadda. Maybe I could con YOU Into playing....mwahahahahaha

chicken card.jpg

seaweed card.jpg

I couldn't stop there so I looked into Gods Unchained. And I can't fault this one for what it is. But the gameplay feels tediously long to me. I see it has a great future, but it's just not my kinda thing. At least for now. Maybe when I wanna get into a game that requires more of my brain power like a chess board does, maybe then I might come back to this one. Nice game though. Really like the artwork and concepts over all.

And then I found 2 more games. Oh... no, that's not right. It's 3. CSC, which I am LOOOOOOOOOST in soooo bad right now. I need a ship. But I don't wanna pay for the starter package captain... I don't wannna..... waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa. Ya, I just hit the recall button.... I think I'm back at the starting area again. Maybe?? I have no idea. But the game is.... so.... pretty! Gah!

It's just $9.99 man... ya paid more (slightly) for Splinterlands.... hint hint...

And then while on the space fairing genre I found NextColony. Awe, man. I can't tell you just how many real time strategy games my friends and I played back in school in the late 80's and 90's. Like, we spent YEARS crafting our worlds and stuff. And this is like that. All over again. But digital. It's like... EVE, if it was on paper. And then converted to digital. Build, explore, defend, attack, loot, run, die, repeat! Well...maybe. If I ever get my mines and ship yards leveled up enough to reach out beyond my itty bitty common Alpha planet.

And then there is this new thing that just recently was leashed upon my week little mind called......Holy Bread.

I know right? -Holy? I passed it off on the first announcements as some sort of odd religious gambit. I mean, it even had a halo on a bit of bread.

And then I saw a Dtube video of a guy who was selling things in the game and he had made $40 in Steem.

Curse you! I don't waste enough of my time at night already....

I blitzed to the arena ranking of 152 out of 1700 some accounts. Now I'm holding ground in the low 200s pretty easy. (for now, the armies of better geared accounts is coming at me fast!) And I saved up enough bread to snag a little redheaded mage, and my crumbs sold last night, and then I picked up a hitchhiker while out questing

First Rare drop for me.jpg

So I guess gaming is still a thing for me. Even if the rest of the world would rather pick up a digital firearm and go postal.

No thanks.

So this is where I have come to after years of bleeding edge gaming. Wonder what's next? (that is SOO not a challenge. or iiiiiiiiis it???? do do do do do, do do do do......)


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