Would you like some....

So my kids have watched the H-ades out of the Incredibles movies. IN the first one the big guy goes off on a wild tangent and there is one question he gets asked that just rings in my head now.

"would you like some... Mimosa?

-(me) Yes. Yes I would.

Mimosa Nightshade.png

So I checked out the market, just to depress my insufficiently uncaffeinated brain this morning. Ugh... $200 for gold and about $20-ish for the regular. I can buy a LOTTA coffee for that kinda dough. Or.. maybe a handful of grande thingers at the coffee bar in the mall -not that there is a mall anywhere near me.

Grats to all of you who got her from the air drops. Nobody here got one. We're a family of 5 and all of us have qualifying accounts. But alas, the ring did not smile on our household. Again. heh.

Anywhoo, see you all in game or in the comments.

-oho! the coffee pot is done perking...must... fill... mug....