Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Theme: Serpent of Eld

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Hello Friends,


Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

This is my first entry into the SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE of Splinterlands battles and theme as you can see in the above picture is the Water splinter card: Serpent of Eld.


Serpent of Eld


A RARE Water monster of Untamed category card.
It has abilities of Dodging, Returning Fire and Poisoning the enemy monsters.
The details are as below:


  • m0kara.png Dodging:

    Dodging gives an increased chance of evading the attack from melee or ranged monsters.
    Dodging ability is provided from level one itself thus making it a useful card when low MANA cap is there.

  • 179qw2.png Return Fire:
    This ability of returning fire induces a little decrease in health of attacked ranged monster.
    This ability is available from fifth level.

  • njoccp.png Poison:
    Poison ability is available with level 8 card and this, as we know poisons the enemy monster it attacks thus reducing the health of it at each round.

Obviously, a level 8 card is good enough to be used at low as well as with high MANA caps and at any position depending on the battle type (super sneak, melee mayhem etc).
It's 7 armor will be more useful when there is weak magic battle type is there.

That's about the strenghts of the Serpent of Eld.

Now, let me introduce you to the battle in which I used this card and won it.


Match Condition:


And... this is what I have to battle it out...


I used Water splinter and my cards were Serpent of Eld, Albatross and a Creeping Ooze.

Why this lineup?

I used Serpent of Eld as first card because of it's attack of 3 and it's abilities to dodge followed by an Albatross for the healing ability and the Creeping Ooze to slowdown as well as avoid the sneaking.

Round 1

This is what it looked before start of Round 1..


At the end of Round 1, my level 1 Serpent of Eld attacked the level 5 Serpent of Eld of the opponent and both lost the armor of 2 each and each of the monsters took 2 melee damage as part of earthquake.

This is how the cards were looking after round 1 and earthquake.


Round 2

My Serpent of Eld was healed by the Albatross to 5 and there was a attack from opponent's Serpent of Eld which was dodged by my card and my card could successfully attack the opponent's card to reduce it's health to 3.

By end of round 2, this is how the cards were looking before the earthquake happened:


When earthquake happened, the opponent's Serpent of Eld died and his other card Battle Orca's health was reduced to 3.


Round 3

When round 3 started, My Serpent of Eld attacked the Battle Orca to complete the battle.

Here are the Battle Results


Truly, the Serpent of Eld served the purpose with it's ability of dodging to make me a winner!!!

That's it guys, here is the link to the battle again:

P.S: All the images used in this blog are screenshots captured from the battle.

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

Well, 100% my strategy worked as it could defeat a level 5 card as against a level 1 card I had, ofcourse with healing ability of Albatross!!
I don't think anything else would have been better considering the MANA cap of 12.

Do I use the SERPENT OF ELD often? Why or why not?

Frankly speaking, I never used this card before!!!

This is because the Water splinter is known for the magic cards and I was happy to use the same and win battles, but this weekly challenge made me to use it in few battles and understand the abilities of the card.

Happy battling and blogging guys :)


Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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Nice breakdown of the fight. Good move with the healer.

Thank you @stever82, That Albatross with just one MANA cost is useful when we have battles with low MANA cap and also when earthquake is there in battles.

That may have been the fastest battle I've ever seen. 🤣
And poor Darth... also trying to get a good battle for the challenge.

Honestly, I was surprised to see your level 1 dodge his level 5. I think that ONE time it did it made all the difference.
Nice post! Thanks for sharing it!

Hi @carrieallen, Thank you for the curation.

Yes, it's one of the shortest battles considering the low MANA cap.

I think the Albatross made the difference here and also Darth's second card wasn't participating in the battle and earthquake made it die even before it could attack.

Overall, a satisfied battle to defeat a level 5 card, but as I said, Albatross was crucial here.

Thanks again for the curation, Have a wonderful day :)

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