Cupz Splinterland Tournament Winners

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Well done to @goldfashioned, Winner of the latest Cupz Splinterlands Tournament. First prize a 10 Steem Raffle ticket.

Second place goes to @maxi01 and 5 x 1 Steem Raffle tickets.
Third Place @chasingunicorns and 1 Steem Raffle Tikcet.

@begonethot, @uwelang, @themightyvolcano, @saleg25 , @rivalzzz, @Samarek69 , @contestkings, @mydays, @bosssteem, @pioner888777, @vcdragon , @direwolf all get a 0.1 Steem raffle ticket.

Winners please come to our Discord Splinterlands channel and let me know which ticket numbers you want or just leave a comment here.



Thanks, you ticket has been bought for you, good luck in the raffle

Number 3, please.

You ticket has been bought, good luck in the raffle, you could win up to 950 Steem

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