Twitter is another hive hub gathering.

Heheh posting again after 10days. Today I am happy to share with you some good news. Are you guys still sleeping on twitter? Well my tweetgame is on high voltage this days and not cos I like it like that but because it seems to be the hub of activity asides the #hive blockchain and market exchange of course.

Last week I won a very great card that has been a source of joy for me... I won a Mimosa Nightshade from #amplifyexchange on twitter. They hosted a tournament that I lost at the first round but lucky enough for me, I saw a comment by @aamirijaz on the amplify tweet and had to drop mine before scrolling by. Until I saw my mention with this good news. Thanks Amplifyexchange...


Another account to be on the look out for is the @splinterlands and @splinterlore. This two accounts dish out some trivia questions and some giveaways on the platform so if you are a non partaker please be on the look out and go follow these accounts today.

I also followed @clove71 hehehe a big round of applause for Mama Chris whose trail I followed from the splinterlands official telegram channel, to her youtube channel where she shares battle vlogs and good gaming tips (a big thanks to you..I got to Champion ii last season) by upgrading some cards I saw was doing wonders on your battle field. So guys you can follow clove71 too on twitter and youtube..I won myself a promancer today from her twitter giveaway.

Now to hive movement...who is going to teach me how to trade...Seems like I have lost touch with almost everything relating to blockchain except for splinterlands. Everywhere on twitter all I see is #hive...The media influence is also high on that end. From the likes of mark,Dan,simplymike among others..The hive market and platform is booming and now that we have the hive-engine. Ladies and gentlemen this is an interesting movement in an interesting time with interesting movement....

Hive and splinterlands to the moon.