Announcing the giveaways winners!


The future is uncertain, the hardfork will go live in 13 hours so I decided to close both my giveaways before that! This year has been a shit storm so far, in the world and in this blockchain everything is going to shit. I am looking forward to start posting on Hive but it will take a while for everyone to get things set up in the new blockchain.

No point overthinking about this, lets just see how this turns out! I will start by posting on both and hopefully migrate to hive only after.

I will not host any giveaways this week, but expect some more next week.

If you don't know what an SBI share is read this.
If you're not a Steem Monsters player yet you can join now

⚔️ Last weeks winners:

@philipkavan won 2x Goblin Thief!

@rentmoney won the untamed pack! Be sure to let me know if you get any legendaries or epic gold foils.


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Thanks for the untamed pack, it was one of the better ones I have opened.

NICE! Thank you for the screenshot!
He'll engage further on Hive, I'm slowly letting go of steem!

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