Splinterlands Kickstarter Update: Last Packages Going Out!

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Splinterlands Kickstarter Update: Last Packages Going Out!

Excited and happy to say that the last of the packages will be going out tonight.

We do have a few stragglers that have not updated their shirt size or address, but its only a very small amount.

We just shipped out another very large load this morning.


Fulfilling, Packaging and Shipping 120 Large boxed orders is not easy on a normal day.

Throw in Covid-19 and its been a shit storm for my on many fronts. Mostly having to go out and gather supplies which were short to begin with.

It was not as simple as take one thing out of a box and put it in another, everything had to be poly bagged and bubble wrapped to make sure everything got to you safely.

It was very well worth it when I see videos like this:

If you need a shipping update on your order, please DM me on Discord.

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I cannot wait to see your unboxing posts!

Thanks for all the support!