The minotaur always strikes twice. Like the postman of the famous film.

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I've never used the challenge card this week so much, because it has a low attack power to be placed in the first position and can only attack from the front row with normal game rules.


the main feature of this card is the double attack, this doubles its power.

in my battle I deployed it in first position, having very little mana to exploit I deployed a mini formation.

as a summoner I chose zintar mortalis.


in first position I deployed the subject of this week's challenge, undead minotaur.

in second position furious chicken, to protect the last row.


in third position, having only a little mana available, I deployed skeleton assassin.


as you can see this time I lost, because skeleton dedicated himself to the last rows of my opponent who lined up his ranks perfectly.

splinterlands is a fantastic game, I highly recommend everyone to join and fight with us.


Yes. I'm finding he's only really great in specific situations. Without rules adding to things (yet) I'd say best to save him for high mana battles as an extra tank. Though once you do start to see rulesets... it gets more interesting.

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