Pack Opening!

in #splinterlands2 years ago

Here's a pack I opened today. I've been collecting a few nice gold summoners lately and have decided to hodl them..... Once beta packs are gone, these are going to climb, climb, climb! Are you hodling onto something special? I think the rewards cards are good for recycling, but BETA pack FOMO will kick in soon! Good luck punters.
The marketcap for Steemmonsers continues to climb and so do the prices of cards.

Here are the cards from my the pack:


If you want to join the SteemMonsters/Splinterlands phenomena, feel free to use my affilate link:

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Granted I don't buy that many packs (occasionally I'll remember to ask J to get me some after he's been to Magic and bought himself and the boys Magic boosters, otherwise I may get myself one every week if I have over 10sbd XD) but I can't seem to pull even a normal summoner to save my life (stuck on L1 summoners is the main reason I'm routinely annihilated, I'm always happy when I get blue and red splinter dailies as they're my L2s) XD

I hodl everything (mostly because I'm merrily combining the crap out of everything aside from the one uncombined one I like hanging on to for no real reason).