First Untamed Legendary Summoner Revealed!

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The Death Splinter Summoner - Mimosa Nightshade - is the first of six total Untamed edition Legendary Summoner cards to be added into the game. The character was designed by Splinterlands player and Kickstarter backer @doloknight (as part of the "Selenia Sky's War Effort" Kickstarter contribution package reward) and will be the fourth Untamed card to be airdropped to early pack purchasers!

Even though the card is being revealed now, it won't be "unlocked" and available in the game until after the remaining ~5000 packs are sold (or on Monday if they sell out over the weekend). Mimosa will be the 14th Legendary card to be available in Untamed edition booster packs, so the chances of receiving the card in the airdrop (as well as in booster packs going forward) will be approximately 0.286% or 1 in every 350 packs on average, with an average of 1 in 50 of them (or 2%) being Gold Foil. Please note that the Chain Golem was a crowdfund exclusive card and is not available in Untamed booster packs.

Show Me the Stats!

At 7 mana, Mimosa will be a force to be reckoned with in higher mana cap battles - and there will be more of those as explained below. She reduces enemy Monsters' Ranged attack stat by 1 point, but you're probably much more interested in the fact that she is the first Summoner card to utilize abilities!

The green ring around the Void ability means that she will grant the Void ability to ALL friendly Monsters, and the red ring around the Affliction ability means that she will cast the Affliction effect on ALL enemy Monsters at the start of the battle.

The Death Splinter has been particularly weak against the Earth and Water Splinters, which also happen to be two of the most played, so we expect that Mimosa should give the Death Splinter a much needed boost in higher mana cap battles against them. Her abilities generally have less of an effect against Life and Fire so it's important to try to predict what type of team your opponent might play against her.

We also wanted to point out the following interactions with other abilities and rulesets:

  • The Affliction effect cast by Mimosa can be removed by the Cleanse ability.
  • Monsters cannot have two of the same ability, so Monsters that already have the Void ability will not get an additional benefit from Mimosa's Void ability.
  • Her abilities will not be in effect in the Silenced Summoners ruleset.
  • Her abilities and effects WILL apply in the Back to Basics ruleset, as this ruleset states that "Monsters lose all of their abilities", but not that they cannot have abilities applied during a battle by the Summoner or in the future by Items or Spells.

Increased Max Mana Cap

To encourage and increase the usage of the new higher mana cost Untamed cards, as well as the new Legendary Summoners which are all planned to cost 7 mana, the maximum mana cap for games (not including the unlimited mana cap games) will be increased from 38 to 50.

Above 30 mana the possible mana caps for battles will increase by 2 instead of 1, so that means that above 30 all mana caps will be even numbers. The reason for this is that there is an equal probability of each mana cap number being chosen for battles, so if we simply increased the cap then that would decrease the chances of having low mana cap battles. By increasing by increments of 2 starting at 30 we can increase the max cap while still maintaining similar chances of having lower mana cap battles as there were previously.

Last Chance to Get In On the Airdrop

At the time of writing there are under 5000 Untamed booster packs available for purchase that will be eligible for the Mimosa Nightshade airdrop. Of course, all Untamed booster packs purchased to date either through the site or through the crowdfunding campaign are also eligible, and after the airdrop she will be available to be found in all packs opened going forward.

These packs will also be eligible for all 10 of the remaining new Untamed card airdrops that will happen every time another set of 100,000 packs are sold. The next 5 of those will be the additional Legendary Summoner cards from the other Splinters.

We plan for the other five new Untamed Legendary Summoners to also cost 7 mana and have abilities similar in power level to Mimosa's, so you'll definitely want to get your hands on as many of those as you can to compete in the higher mana cap battles!

Mimosa Nightshade - Lore

Years ago, Mimosa was a poor shivering child, all alone in the alleys of Beluroc. She was five years old. She remembered her name, but little else. Mimosa’s parents had been vaporized before her eyes in a great battle of Witches, and she was now abandoned, an unwanted child left to fend for herself on the cold streets of a dark world.

Even as a small girl, Mimosa realized that she must find gold to buy her food, so she began to beg from passers-by. This is how she discovered her strange powers of coercion and manipulation. Mind control came quite naturally to young Mimosa, and by seven she could easily convince a wealthy Beluroc art dealer to empty his savings into her wagon.

As Mimosa grew, so did her fascination with the most forbidden types of magic. She had great respect for books of magic and their sellers, never stealing from the dealers of tomes. She spent several years absorbing, with the greedy mind of a child, the most ancient texts she could find and amassing a valuable collection of dark books. By thirteen, Mimosa had all but mastered the forbidden art of necromancy. Still living on the streets, she began playing ghastly tricks on the citizens of Beluroc to practice her arts and pass the time. These horrible tricks attracted the attention of the great Wizards’ Council, and Mimosa Nightshade was brought before Archmage Arius for judgement.

It was determined unanimously by the Council (before Mimosa swayed the minds of three of them) that she was far too dangerous to be left to her own devices in the Untamed Splinterlands. Archmage Arius locked her away in a magical prison on the dark side of Mount Mox, where she could continue to study without causing any mass destruction. The Wizards’ Council thought the problem was solved, but the Lord of Darkness had other plans.

After only a few weeks in her prison, Mimosa was sprung by a band of Warlock spies, hired by the Lord of Darkness, and brought to Mortis. She was taken to the Shrouded Palace, where she received a royal welcome and was lavished with gifts and attention. The Dark Enchantress nurtured Mimosa’a abilities, and soon after, the Lord of Darkness had convinced her to sign the ever-binding Dark Contract. Although she still has a long life ahead of her, Mimosa Nightshade will now live to serve the Death Splinter, and upon her death, her soul shall be rendered into its true Dark Eternal form. Mimosa has finally found her true family.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I think it is a great idea to release a Death summoner since it is the weakest splinter now. The next should be for Fire.

That's what i need :D ;)

Wow! What a great card, I can’t wait to try it out!!! 🙌

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Such cool? 😉

Wow-what a great card!!!!!!

Splinterlands may have revealed many great summoners and monsters but unluckily I always get low quality cards. I am sure this one is not for me.

you are not alone. most of us (since the appearance of crystals and potions) get almost nothing, compared to all the cards we got before this update.


Damn. That’s seems seriously overpowered. There’s probably gonna be a lot of controversy around this one!

It's very powerful in certain situations, but a huge waste of mana in others. That's the balance we try to strike and what makes these cards interesting and the game fun. It's only a problem if the card is overpowered in a majority of cases.

I wasn’t criticizing. I just know the routine. 😁

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What a badass card. Oh my, splinterlands just got 1000 times more exciting

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If Earth has healing? There's Mimosa!
If Earth has prince? There's Mimosa!
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In soviet union, when I was a child, "mimosa" was a name of a salad made from canned fish, eggs, onion, and mayonnaise

I really like the lore. Drawing is amazing as well! What an wonderful card!

Go Splinterlands!

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