Kickstarter Physical Rewards Update


It's been a few months since the crowdfunding campaign ended, and aside from a few hiccups everything has gone very smoothly with the rewards delivery so far and folks have been pretty patient with us as we got to work. Thanks for giving us a little breathing room to get it done right. We know you are all eagerly awaiting the physical rewards - and so are we! The good new is that we're pretty close to done and we don't foresee any major roadblocks at this point.

Digital Rewards

With the Kickstarter we had digital rewards and physical rewards. We still have a few stragglers that have minor issues with the digital rewards, but nearly all cases have delivered. If you have ongoing issues contact please contact @aggroed in discord.

We're going to handle remaining promo-codes manually. So if you are still looking to receive additional promo-codes contact aggroed in Discord. It's helpful to provide your steem user name, kickstarter/fundition, and how many you're owed. This would be a good message:

Hi aggroed, I use the account @beastmaster, I participated in the kickstarter, I should have 3 promo codes, but only received one. Have a great day!

Legendary Summoners

The Legendary Summoner artwork has been received, and the characters are ready to be created. We will hopefully be able to add the first of the new Legendary Summoners in with the next Untamed airdrop, but that may ultimately depend on the timing.

As with all of the airdrops, the new Legendary Summoner cards will be available in packs as soon as the airdrop begins.

Physical Loot

As for the physical stuff we have a number of things we have to ship: Stickers, shirts, decks, foiled decks, and a book.

  • The stickers have been printed and shipped to us.
  • The shirts have been printed and shipped to us. We forgot to collect sizes, so we'll have one last form to send out.
  • The physical cards have been printed and shipped to us. This includes Alphas and Betas with all the Rewards Cards included, as well as the shiny, foil versions.
  • The last physical piece is the book. Certain pledge tiers included the ability to get into the lore, and this has been taking the majority of the time. We've created a Hall of Heroes and added many stories that were generated or inspired by the players. We're happy to report that our draft is done now, and we're quadruple checking everything to catch as many typos and errors as we can (yes we are still finding some and have to redo an image...)

What's Remaining

The following items are what is left for us to do in order to start shipping out the physical rewards to backers:

  1. Send out the shirt size survey
  2. Finish proofreading the book
  3. Send the book out for printing
  4. Ask backers to update their physical address (this will be done right before we ship)
  5. SHIP!


We expect to complete steps 1 - 3 above in February. As soon as that is ready we will ask backers to confirm or update their shipping address and ship everything out in early March.

But Wait! There's more!

Just 'cause, we're shipping you a free bumper sticker too. We hope you dig them!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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EXCELLENT! I can't wait until I become baked into the lore of SplinterLands! Let me tell you guys that reading the digital pdf of the backstory of the SPLINTERLANDS - you guys have something EXTREMELY SPECIAL on your hands!

The attention to lore will really give this project life in the long run. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

What about all of the Promo Cards?

Which Archmage Arius should be a part of that too since he was a promo card at the time..

They have beta frames and I'm including with them. So, yes, those will be printed and sent.

Awesome thanks!

Do you have somewhere we can check what we should have got for our tier to make sure we got it all?

Unfortunately I didn't take part in tge kickstarter. Can I still buy a car sticker or something small?

I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they are planning on selling most of this as merch eventually, although the Alpha Cards will never be sold again as far as I know. I could be completely wrong though.

XS shirt size!

done vote 👍👍👍Screenshot_2020-01-28-03-16-49.png

Thanks for voting! This was the wrong post to post this on but I just sent you 500 DEC in your steem-engine! Thank you! Have a great season-ending!!!

thank you very much ☺