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Those of you who like to follow the stats probably know that a large batch of Reward edition cards will be hitting their print limit in the very near future - likely within the next 24 hours with the season ending.

The timing of this was quite unfortunate and difficult for us with the recent Untamed release and everything else going on right now, so we had to scramble to get new cards ready in time. We want to apologize for the last minute notice, but it is important that we replace the cards before they run out.

Updates coming

Going forward we are planning a major revamp of the reward system in the game. This should alleviate excessive reward card creation and also hopefully address key concerns about the degree of difficultly for new players as they progress. We believe our plan will simultaneously limit reward card "farming" across multiple accounts. We will share more information about these expected changes as they develop further.

We are also working on adding additional filtering and sorting options in the team selection screen to make it easier to find the cards you're looking for, which we know is getting more difficult as we add cards to the game.

We want to assure players that we're diligently working to improve the new user experience and we see that as a critical component of our primary goal which is to grow the player base.

In the meantime, here are 12 new Reward cards that will be released before the end of the current ranked play season!

Gremlin Blaster

These little daredevils have the special ability to handle highly explosive objects without accidentally exploding themselves… usually. When Kobolds are nervous about blowing a cavern open, they often call in the services of a Gremlin Blaster. They smell terrible and they’re incredibly rude to Kobolds, but when a powerful but lightweight explosion is needed, Gremlin Blasters are always the best for the job.

Gelatinous Cube

One night when the moons were full, the renegades of the Lunta Kalna performed a secret and powerful ritual. Their ceremony called forth forces of wind, rain and hail; for the first time ever in recorded history, there was a hailstorm in Draykh-Nahka. Except it wasn’t only hail that fell from the sky that night. There were also a small number of strange Cubes that seemed to be alive. They have the look of ice, but upon contact with most objects, the surface of the Cube turns to jelly and absorbs the object, rather noisily. It is assumed that this is how the Cubes eat. When attacked, Gelatinous Cubes can make their outer shell as hard as solid ice for a short time. They can also alter their size to some degree, swelling up and increasing their power, depending on how much they have absorbed that day.

Spirit Shaman

There are some magi who have quietly studied the ways of the ancient tribes of Anumün. After many years of intense training, they have learned the secrets of the ancestors through the Spirit Ways of the Palavan and Mitica people. Finally, the last of the elder tribes can pass on to the next place, for they have passed their legacy and their memories. Even in the face of the Untamed and what follows, the truth of magic will survive. The Spirit Shaman are humble and careful fighters who often know what their enemy is thinking. If their eyes light up, run.

Screeching Vulture

Will the screeching never cease? Not if you’re living in the foothills of the Seed Mountains of Anumün. The place is so teeming with life that death is quite widespread as well. If it weren’t for the diligent work of the Vultures, rotting carcasses would be everywhere. When a beast goes down for the last time, the Vultures know instantly, as if by some magical perception. They always approach the carrion with just the right number of Vultures. The screeching is simply the delighted noise they make while they’re ripping into flesh. When summoned to battle, these hook-beaked buzzards will also go after the living.

Silvershield Assassin

The Assassins do not openly wear the insignia of the Order of the Silver Shield, for they take on the dirty work, the kind of work that is best forgotten after it is done. Armed with small jagged daggers and throwing knives, Silver Shield Assassins kill with the silence of a nightfall over the Khymeve Meadows. They never take prisoners.

Baby Unicorn

There has been a Unicorn baby boom in the last few years that has all Khymians nervous. Baby Unicorns are much better natured than their older relatives. They already possess magical powers, but they’re simply adorable, and they do not yet realize that they are sacred. The problem is that they tend to wander wherever they please, often getting themselves into trouble. Terrible cosmic events always happen when a Unicorn is killed, even if the Unicorn is small. With small Unicorns wandering the streets of Shimmer City, the Khymians are on edge.


You may be thinking, “A spider already has eight legs… Why Octopider?” For one thing, the Octopider is much larger than a spider, closer to the size of an octopus. It’s legs, although they can scurry like a spider, are actually the tentacles of an octopus. In fact, this monstrosity has nearly all the most terrifying features of both spiders and octopi. The Octopider can move easily in water or on land. Whenever threatened, the Octopider disappears into an inky, venomous cloud. They say the Octopider was a grotesque creation of the Gorlodon, a famed monstrous dark sorcerer of the deep water.

Ettin Spearman

The Ettin are a tribe of mutated primitives in the Burning Lands. Many of them have two heads, an extra limb or an inexplicable tail, but they are all freakishly strong. They dig holes for fun, and they communicate with a completely indecipherable series of grunts and moans. Burning Lands scholars are not even sure that the Ettin understand each other. The Ettin are very observant however of when they are being made fun of or ridiculed for their idiocy. They are a sensitive people.

Zalran Efreet

Zalran is one of the most powerful spellsmen of the Efreet clans. The concentrated power of his mind is said to have cleaved the great boulders of Luzka in two to retrieve the ancient and radiant Puyo Stone. The Torch would pay any sum for the Stone to gain its untold powers, but against the wishes of the Torch, Zalran kept the Puyo Stone. He is one with the Stone. By holding it forever close to his heart, Zalran’s abilities will continue to grow. To lose the Stone after the forming of such a bond would mean certain doom for Zalran’s soul.

Serpentine Mystic

For the bodyguards of the most important figures of the United Gloridax, Serpentine Mystics are brought in from the southern Burning Lands. In the lands of their home, the mind magic of these Serpentines is forbidden. In Draykh-Nahka however, they are given fancy quarters, exotic meats and allowed to mingle with Dragons. Plus, their magic is not only encouraged, but put to great use by the Gloridax High Council.

Fire Spitter

Small but mighty, the Fire Spitters have recently descended upon the Dragon Splinter of Draykh-Nahka, where they fit right in. They come from a faraway exotic place only known as the Pocket Dimension. The Pocket Dimension has many key differences to the Splinterlands, but lots of things in common as well. Most of the monsters there are smaller than those native to the Splinterlands, including the Fire Spitter. However, even the smallest Fire Spitters can produce a magnificent blaze, large enough to easily incinerate a cottage in a few minutes.

The Kraken

They say that in the recent shifting of the Planet that has come with the Untamed, great schisms were opened on the floors of the seas. Through these new openings emerged new monsters from the core beyond, larger than anything even the most traveled Azmaré pirate has ever seen. The Kraken is one such beast, and one that occasionally swims as high as the water’s surface. Sailors who have seen it say that it approaches from beneath like a great storm cloud, somehow darkening everything around it with its massive shadow. With the swipe of a single tentacle, the Kraken can capsize the mightiest ships as if they were a child’s bath toy. The Kraken is so huge that special Gloridax sorcery was used to ensure that its projected essence in tournament battle was only a small portion of its actual size. If this precaution had not been taken, summoning the Kraken would have crushed every spectator in the arena.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I have concerns about the influx of so many cheap Redemption monsters. It is going to cause a lot of draws, due to chained Redemption effects. Even more so under the Earthquake ruleset. This will also interrupt a lot of win streaks.

More importantly, it raises complicated and confusing order of effect questions which we occasionally see with Blast and with how Earthquake applies all damage to one side before applying any damage to the other side. This has critical implications when there are monsters with weakness because if damage is applied first to one side that removes the weakness from the other side.

Oh and all that Redemption makes Prince Julian's -1 health ability so much better too.

I'll keep my eye on how things go with more Redemption monsters and if it does end up becoming an issue then we'll figure out how to adjust things.

As for the order of effects with things like earthquake and blast, I am working on an update to the battle system to make sure that all damage is applied first and then any deaths will be resolved afterwards. So that way it doesn't matter in what order the damage is applied, which is how it's supposed to be.

Concurrent damage & death in parallel! Wonderful

While I enjoy and welcome these new reward cards, the amount to choose from now is getting larger and will only increase.

You may want to consider some kind of user based filtering, so we don't see certain cards when choosing, otherwise the list will get longer and people will get more confused.

I'd like to filter cards by abilities in addition to what we have now. Have a ruleset with melee cards only? Well, then I want cards with the shield buff, but it's getting harder and harder to sift through them all to find the right ones.

Ditto. Filter by ability would be huge for rule sets like earthquake, where it's useful to only see flyers at the outside.

We will be adding more filtering and sorting options, as we mentioned in the post:

We are also working on adding additional filtering and sorting options in the team selection screen to make it easier to find the cards you're looking for, which we know is getting more difficult as we add cards to the game.

Excellent, looking forward to the changes.

New reward cards look pretty powerful!
To be honest, I am not a fan of Redemption ability, Death can make -3HP from debuffs and -2HP from Redemption. I think it's too OP. And there are new Reward cards with Redemption...

Can you please get in touch with me on discord?

The kraken could have large implications for melee only battles, bringing the water splinter up to speed in this rule set.

wow, too many new cards, phew...

i am also not happy with redemption everywhere, -1 ok but -2 reduces the value of some very expensive cards, painful

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It's true there should be variant REDEMPTION levels. Some could be -1 and it wouldn't be as bad. Some higher mana ones could be -2
Or it could get -2 at max level card... that way it's really only played in champion leagues.

Interesting idea, but wouldn't this be a glaring exception to the current consistency of abilities across all leagues?

I agree, and mentioned this some time ago.. too powerful and now there's more of them. I dont see it too much in the mid-levels but I guess the Slimeball card is showing up a lot in Champions?

yes, especially for low levels it is super powerful, i was happy that death got some revival like this but now... :-(

Well it looks like you've done it now...


Blue team about to get hard-core in those 99mana games!

This is again big! Thank you for your dedication!

By the way, I have observed that there's no replacement for Daria Dragonscale. Is this by intend?

At some point its just too much cards ....
Anyways you guys probably know what you are doing.

Compared to magic, hearthstone, pokemon, gods untamed... we're still way behind.
I think the issue is that this getting to be too many cards for a this specific game style of BLIND drafting. When they start doing LIVE DRAFTING game or BOSS-FIGHTS then this won't seem like much of an issue.

awesome... you continue to outdo yourself... can't wait to get these!!!

Kind of wish the kraken looked a bit more intimidating and not like a giant cartoon flea hah

Very cool! My daughters love the Baby Unicorn, and that Zalran Efreet is sick!! ⚡️🔥

Nerf redemption and im not so sure about the kraken. Tied into the Ruler of the seas that everyone has theres really nothing a melee group can do against the water splinter.
The fire splinter is countered too much by any splinter. A lot of the games have turned into Magic vs counter magic.

I need this handsome -) The Kraken

I wonder how much it will cost

Waoo, new cards and the release of a kraken

Interesting cards ....

Gelatinous Cube is likely going to be popular and for some reason the Baby Unicorn had me laughing out loud when I seen it.

I know new cards need to keep circulating in but the more we have in the game the harder it will be to get the average Joe/Jane to play. Simplicity is best for mass adaption imo. Which brings me to the latest suggestion post I created. I think its time to introduce Classic Splinterlands (Steemmonsters).

I like the idea, but to keep things fresh I would go the other way like in hearthstone. They have a 'wild' mode where all cards are permitted and a standard mode where only cards from the last 2 years (I think) are permitted. This makes it easier for new players and old players still get to play with their old deck if they choose.

The leagues run side by side so you can compete in both or just one. You receive rewards based on the highest score you get in the two league.

Kraken is new tank for big mana :D

No more cards, please! LOL :D

happy to see these reward cards coming out.... lets see where this game is leading us...i'm one of the first people get in the game before its official release.....i wanna see where all of this will lead us one day...

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It's awesome.... So many cards are now going to replaced .....

how can we see which ones are about to run out?? (for those that cannot actually read blockchain)

Looks interesting. Looking forward to the new reward cards

Hm... Gremlin Blaster Neutral monster, but Red its for him

These are really nice!

Wow, pretty cool. No wonder I found 3 of these in my deck! Nice!!

Hi - have all the old reward cards now stopped being printed? Or just some? How do we find out which have stopped being issued?