Splinterlands ShareYourBattle Challenge entry!

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Well, I may be really rusty to post regularily again, but I can't pass out the opportunity to share this battle with the community, so hopefully you guys will dig it and no @chrisroberts, I won't be using a Rusty Android.

For this battle I decided to go with Exploding Dwarf as lead and basically because I won't say I had nothing to lose, but like always and especially since it was my second shot at the Fire quest, luckily getting the Equalizer ruleset,I felt confident (or crazy) enough (yeah, let's go with crazy instead) to face a potential dodger and really fast cocatrice or a great tank with Thorns or anything that could easily wall me throughout the battle.


@marianaemilia was the force to reckon, I knew she was ready and going to bring the pain. In overall top 20th ish at the leadeboard she didn't hesitate to bring in Rennyn with a Cocatrice, with straight up full health, dodging and flying skills and to top that extra shield advantage. But my warriors weren't going to give up easily, so the battle began!


This is the link for the battle, in case you want to check it out in game.

Basically what I did was to start out with ED and Giant Roc, ED gives me a fair advantage on start trying to pierce down enemies shields but both Giant Roc and ED also have Trample, which combined on their speed order/turns and even more if ED survives or manages to retaliate, man you're in for a treat.

I am learning to use Untamed cards, of which I barely hold few in my personal acccount. Valnamor is a delegated account I play thanks to @em3 aka @the.big.bang's help. As the ruleset combo was Equalizer and Heavy Hitters, I knew Spark Pixies could come in handy as it basically can shoot first than ED and potentially stun anything trying to wall my ED... this time SP did hit the Coca and I needed that to be able to take it down because of 2 shield points and 7 health ones (my ED only could attack for 7 without Cocatrice being stunned, it would've been 14 if that was the case), but without stunning it. I also go for "Peaceful chicken" as sniper's bait, which is a lvl 1 Furious Chicken with no melee stats on it, this time succesfuly attracting Spirit and Child of the Forest attacks to protect my second magic choice which was Goblin Shaman, debuffing and this time balancing, getting the battle a bit more even on my side.

By now you probably have watched the battle, but bare with me and let me explain what happened:

  1. Spark Pixies succesfully landed its hit, taking Coca's 2 Shield points down,
  2. Peaceful Chicken absorbs/takes both snipers shots, allowing Goblin Shaman to see another round, maintaining speed debuff and Weakness ON.
  3. Cocatrice attacks and lands the shot, but gets succesfully retaliated and hit by my MVP for this battle Mr Explodee small person. with BLAST! (taking a chunk of health+Shield from Earth Elemental) and what happens now my awesome people reading this, is that this fella didn't stop there, no... he needed to trample afterwards cause duh, that's on of his treats! Taking now The Earth Elemental wooden soul down, of course also dealing an important amount of damage to the third in line, Mr. Dwarven Wizard. Please notice we've succesfully landed 2 Blasts in a row by ED without even getting to his first turn, coming up next...
  4. Ok, now it's ED's turn,talk about a big LOL. He hits, lands the KO to DW, splashes another blast taking down Swamp Thing's shield now and guess what, we get another Trample! We are witnessing the 4th Trample and blast basically in a row so poor MarianaEmilia and Rennyn's Co. you get to keep only two cards to see another round, that of course if I didn't have two more cards to take their turn, one of which I haven't even spoken of 'til now...
  5. Serpentine Spy: talking about a MVP... this monster has opportunity, speed, Poison...if you haven't used one yet I highly recommend it. Taking Child of the Forest down well, now it's just SotF against my whole team. #gangbanged #sorrynotsorry
  6. Well, what can I say, from now on I can just say good game, GG!

I'm sure @marianaemilia will be having her vengeance soon enough but for now I get to seize and taste the flavor of victory. Cheers to all of you who read this trhough the end. I salute you all!


In the original contest post I noticed you asked for a video of the battle. I will try to record it to link it here but I'm thinking I will need a bit of help with that, as I don't have a screen recorder in my laptop and yeah it is pretty old but maybe I can make it happen using my cellphone. Hope you understand!

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Yo yo yo!

First... battle link is all I'm after. No need to make a video too. 🥰

And MORE importantly! I ALWAYS think about using Rusty... but never do. I may do a challenge with him soon...Muahahahahah! #offtrack

Another rant: I've been reading all these posts... and everyone gets equalizer but me! 😭 (It'd probably help if I played a wee bit more...)

And finally, like whoa. @marianaemilia IS quite the force. Congrats on CRUSHING her. 💪 But do keep an eye out for her revenge... 😘@carrieallen