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I bought myself 12 packs of Untamed cards in December as a holiday gift to myself. Some decent rares and a Gold Foil summoner card.

Snagged a Rare Khmer Princess and the Kobold Bruiser has come in handy here and there.

Two Rares in this pack, a Death Elemental and a Giant Squid. I think a higher level Parasitic Growth may be a good card, higher level is a key word there.

Two Rare cards in this pack as well. A Child of the Forest and Contessa L'Ament summoner card, plus another Kobold Bruiser that went to leveling up.

A Rare Mother Khala card. I do not use Life Summoners very often but it will help with leveling up.

Another Kobold Bruiser to add to the leveling pile. The Gold Foil Contessa L'Ament was worth the pack purchases. She is paying for herself.

Another Rare Contessa L'Ament. Not as nice as the Gold Foil but still a good pull.

Epic Tortisan Chief pulled out of this pack. I have not used it too much yet but I do like the card. My level up pile of Kobold Bruisers is stacking up nicely.

Pulled an Epic Ferexia General, a nice card to play if you're into fire summoners.

Pulled a Rare Serpant of Eld. My Parasitic Growth pile is growing.

Another Rare Mother Khala card.

Pulled a Rare Giant Squid.

Pulled a Rare Pyre summoner card and a Legendary Scale Doctor. The Scale Doctor is one sweet card.


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I think that kobold bruiser with his funny face loves you ..lol. you almost get him on every packs you opened. He's quite strong when it comes to melee mayhem and super sneak rulesets 😉 not as cool as serpentine spy though.
Congratulations on the gold contessa 🌠