The Tragic Story of plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #308

in #splinterlandslast year (edited)

Lets start this post off with a big thank you to all who support me and gave me suggestions to feel better. Yesterday with 4600,000 SP down voted all of my post on Steem for the entire week zeroing out all payouts. I was super angry mainly because I didn't understand why he would do that. I realized that to be such a dick he must of had a rough life. I found out as a small boy ears were huge but his nose was really small. Due to his strange face most people would just laugh at him, His mother killed her self because of the horror that something so strange slithered out of her vagina. Although his father was handsome, he could not read or write and every time their eyes met it was obvious that his dad hated him and blamed him for his wife's death. Every time he looked at his father it was another reminder how unfair life was. He was born looking like a deformed mushroom while his dad was handsome. 5 years to the date after his mother died his father jumped in front of a bullet train killing and splattering himself everywhere. Luckly was left with some money and he went to the top plastic surgeon and was just laughed out the door. He then decided to spend all of his money on STEEM at the all time high of $8. Since then he spends his days down voting little guys feeling like hes making his mark on this world, poor guy, but wait there is a happy ending. To fight all of the hate in his heart I will pick him as the runner up winner of 50 DEC.

Yesterdays winner of 250 DEC

@stranger27 congrats my friend, DEC already sent

Runner up winner of 50 DEC go show him some sympathy and what ever you do, don't type lol, he hates that and he will think you are laughing at his strange face.

Todays Giveaway

Comment your favorite comedian (Norm Mcdonald)


I feel much better now and I will see you tomorrow with some actual useful information.


谢谢 @threejay 小朋友!

我已经收到你的 50 DEC, 虽然不值 1 STEEM。但让我感谢你的,不是DEC的价值,而是你敢于在提到我的时候,至少敢用 @ !
《The Tragic Story of plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #308》

虽然我知道,你已经被我吓到语无伦次,虽然我也开始同情你,但仍然不足以让我停止对你的“downvote back”。

是的,我这个叫 “downvote back”,不叫“downvote”!因为是你先对我的“downvote”,才会有我对你的“downvote back”。这很公平!

yes it is fair but i never down vote people. maybe an old curation trail but that service dose not exist anymore. I cant change it and I dont know why you think I would down vote you. I don't know you Im happy you received you 50 DEC and you have a scene of humor.



我自然会停止对你的downvote back。

5倍赔偿的前提是,你是跟downvote trail的。如果在我downvote back你之前,存在任何一个你是主动 downvote我的,这个赔偿比例是20倍。


last chance uncle, I will let you off with a simple Im sorry. If not I run part two of your secret life before steem and everyone will know who you are.

Jeff Dunham and his puppets 🤣🤣🤣

!trdo 🤞

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Is that story real or satire? Really sad if true.

you will have to read part 2 today to find out.

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It's really touching. Why was he laugh out the door when going for surgery. That's bad

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