Am I one of the luckiest Splinterlands players?

in #splinterlandslast year

Today I happened to be playing Splinterlands at the exact time that Mystery potions arrive for everyone.
I was playing on my main when the mystery potion showed up. I instantly opened it and got another mystery potion from it, which was pretty lame.

Then I remember I had bought a mystery potion for my alt account also, so I went to check it out.

I opened the mystery potion and saw that I had gotten a Card.
I just thought it was going to be a random Rewards Edition card so I just clicked on it without even realizing it was a Legendary card. I was super confused to see a Prince Julian pop up.

My first reaction was wtf
And then I got really happy and instatly went to share it with my guild.

too bad it isn't golden :D

And you might think yeah that's pretty lucky :yawn:
But that's not it.

I was one of the lucky ones to actually get an Archmage Arius aswell back when that was dropping from Mystery Potions. I even made a Post about it.
That was back when we had 25% / 50% / 100% potions to choose from, and I got my Archmage from a 25% potion.

What will I do next with these magnificent cards ?

Well I have tried renting out my Archmage Arius on Peakmonsters, but the competition is too high for me.
So I just use the Archmage myself to catch some players off guard.

For the Prince Julian I am going to try renting it out aswell on Peakmonsters. I have currently put it up for 0.2$ a day with a 1.5$ Escrow price. (10-30 Days)
There is currently only 1 other person renting a Prince Julian and he has successfully rented it aswell.
I am even going a bit lower prices than him, so I am hoping it rents out to someone :)


Anyways thank you for reading my post
I will be handing out upvotes to most people that comment.
I have staked 30K BATTLE tokens, so that should give something :)

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and obviously Splinterlands


very lucky, man


how do one become a player??do i need to download an app??

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No there is no app yet for the game
I see you already have a steemit account

You just need to go to the splinterlands site (link:
and log in with your steemit account

You can play for free I am pretty sure, but if you want to earn rewards from playing you need to pay 10$ for a starter kit

Congratulations I am Next to get a PRINCE I Hope.............

Good Luck :)

Hopefully you get a Gold version

the game sound interesting though..

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You should give it a try :)

If you want to support me you can use my referral link when first logging in


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Thank you :)

Unbelievable O.o

Wow! Congrats! What an exciting card to open!! Very Nice! That's why I love this game- it is not just about battling- there is the whole market to do too! I love it!
Have a great weekend!

Thank you very much :)


trade it for more cards. You may likely get max level cards. Congrats!

I probably might end up doing it, but I wouldn't like to sell for under $700 :D

I just went back looking at the picture since you mentioned $700+. So its a max out Prince! Insane. Again Congrats!

Yes, Archmage Arius and Prince Julian only exist in MAX Form.

Since they can only be printed from the Mystery Potion, and they always are Maxed

Awww! Prince Julian is a cutie :D

I haven't got Julian yet, so I'm happy for you!

Thanks, and good luck. Hopefully you get a Gold one :D

Yes, it would certainly seem that Probability has smiled very largely on you. :) Congrats on your supergreat new Baby !monster Summoner.

Never ever sell it. Congrats!
Someone will rent it eventually.

Thanks for the motivation :O

I really hope I can rent it, but if I really fail to rent it for a decent price then I am look at about a $700 sell price :)

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