Splinterlands Trade Offer System

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Hello all Splinterlands players or just regular steemians.

Today I want to talk about a cool thing that I think would fit into the game very well.
This is just my idea, and not actually confirmed update, so sorry for the clickbait :D

First of all I want to talk about the Trading System
I think it would fit quite well into the game, and this would give players the opportunity to exchange cards in their deck for other cards without having to pay the 5% fee when selling and rebuying the new cards (so 10% fee ???)

I will be taking an example of how the biggest gaming platfrom Steam uses this Trade offer system

So basically how this works is . . .

  1. You choose a player by the name that you want to send a trade offer to
  2. You choose a game (Splinterlands in this case)
  3. Then you choose the cards that you are putting up to the offer
  4. Then you go to the other person deck and choose the cards you want to get from him/her
  5. Then accept the trade by using your active key, and wait for a response

For the person that recieves the trade offer, they can either

  1. Accept the trade offer
  2. Send a counter offer
  3. Decline the trade

And also I think there should be a mute button, so if some person gets too annoying with sending the same crappy offers over and over again, then you could just mute them.

I edited this quick pic, so you would have a picture to explain it a little bit.

(this is how steam trading looks like) (also Opskins/Wax trading works the same way)

Also here is a picture of all of the explanations

sorry for the bad quality, I'm a noob.

I'm really hoping to get some feedback on this idea, so don't be afriad to leave me a comment below.
Also let me know if I missed anything I should have clarified.
Thank you for reading my post.

Here's a cute panda for you all at the end :)


I like the idea, good thinking.

Thank you :)

It will be interesting to see if something like this is implemented

This idea would really help new players improve by leveling their cards faster. I like this idea.

I think its a great idea.

It will likely cause a loss of income for the devs of the game as I suspect many will choose to trade instead of Sell/Purchase what they actually want but for the players it would be great.

Another option that is in line with your idea is to add a best offer feature similar to how bids work now on peakmonsters. For example if a card is up for sale someone could click it and then send an message with an offer below the amount its listed for directly to the seller. The seller can choose to accept or decline the offer. Sellers should be able to opt in or out of the offer feature.

but most of the income they already lose because of peakmonsters.

Good point .....

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