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Well if that ain't a timely metaphor, I don't know what is. I once had to push my 1977 Suburban out of an intersection, by myself. There were dozens of people around watching me, and no one helped. To be honest, that's kind of the metaphor for my life. I never anticipate getting any help. So I typically just dive into things and hope for the best. Steemit has been very different in that regard. I started something expecting to go it alone, and I have had a great support group. Thanks for this little anecdote. I needed that this morning.


Yeah, unfortunately sometimes people will let you down and a leap of faith leaves you flat on your face, but I think that's a risk worth taking. The future belongs to optimists because pessimists can't see a future worth building.

Beautiful and sincere message @troglodactyl. Have faith in people can disappoint you a little but you have said something very true and I have loved: "The future belongs to the optimists because the pessimists can not see a future that is worth building". And although everyone who gives expects to be rewarded sometime, sometimes it's simply is matter of doing good and not looking at who. Excellent message. Regards

Optimism doesn't come easily for me. I am ever the realist, but I am getting better, slowly but surely. Kids transform your ideals in ways you couldn't imagine. That's been huge. I have also realized that I am responsible for building a better world for them. You indeed have to be somewhat of an optimist to believe that's even possible.

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