Just Push

Recently on my way to work, I saw a vehicle a few hundred yards in front of me start billowing thick white smoke. Then as it headed up a hill it started gushing black liquid also. Then it stopped completely. I pulled around them and parked my motorcycle on the sidewalk to see if they needed help, and quickly gathered that the man and woman in the vehicle were deaf. I tried to talk to them some and they tried to talk to me some, but I don't know sign language and our attempts were pretty ineffective. So we got by on mostly context and a little bit of body language and I started pushing. Now I weigh about 160 pounds and I'm not in as good a shape as I used to be. I'm entirely incapable of pushing an SUV up a hill single-handedly. But it got the message across and other people joined in. The couple started pushing with me, and another man pulled over to help also. Before long we had their car to a cut in the curb and out of the main road. As we finished another man stopped to help, demonstrating that if it had taken longer we'd have eventually gotten all the help we needed.

We can't always get detailed plans and commitments in advance when there are problems that need to be solved. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith that enough of the people around us will understand what's happening and care about it. Sometimes once we see the direction something needs to move we have to just push.


A great analogy, but also a very kind act. It speaks volumes about a person. And it's evident that you are one of those who are putting their backs into "pushing" a stalled Steemit off the tracks before an oncoming train hits it. I've been around, as you know, for about two moons, and I had no idea the maelstrom I was entering when I set up an account here. Greed and ego, it's always the same culprits. Very disappointing.
**Do you know the artist and painting you posted?

The painting is Sisyphys by Titian.

It's tragic what's being done to Steem by some of its less enlightened founding members. I'm still here because I think it's still the best gateway currently available for getting the rest of the world (those who don't get excited about blockchains and economics like me) engaged in the decentralization movement. I came very close to just selling out and moving on some time ago once I saw what was happening, but I think I'm still in a position to help keep it habitable for at least some people, and there's always a chance something will be salvage-worthy once the pillagers have sold out and moved on.

Hrmm, I didn’t realise there was so much drama happening at the very top. I knew there were warring whale factions, but didn’t realise it went all the way up.

I guess there’s still scraps to collect at the minnow level.

The biggest issue I see to long-term growth is the delay in creating a new account. Like I can’t tell someone to come join Steemit and then expect them to wait a few months. It’s not even like a typical startup beta where you’ll eventually get notified - in some cases your account will just never get created and you won’t receive a notification telling you that you’ve been rejected.

The ‘why’ makes sense, but it’s still not necessarily a good reason

You can also just create accounts for your friends yourself instead of waiting on Steemit to approve them. The interfaces aren't the most convenient, but it is a decentralized network and Steemit doesn't have any special account creation abilities the rest of us don't have.

A Sisyphean task indeed. I get the connection now between the painting and your efforts on Steemit. I am not as philosophically invested here, but I can still appreciate what you are trying to do. Whatever happens, I wish you all the best.

Well if that ain't a timely metaphor, I don't know what is. I once had to push my 1977 Suburban out of an intersection, by myself. There were dozens of people around watching me, and no one helped. To be honest, that's kind of the metaphor for my life. I never anticipate getting any help. So I typically just dive into things and hope for the best. Steemit has been very different in that regard. I started something expecting to go it alone, and I have had a great support group. Thanks for this little anecdote. I needed that this morning.

Yeah, unfortunately sometimes people will let you down and a leap of faith leaves you flat on your face, but I think that's a risk worth taking. The future belongs to optimists because pessimists can't see a future worth building.

Beautiful and sincere message @troglodactyl. Have faith in people can disappoint you a little but you have said something very true and I have loved: "The future belongs to the optimists because the pessimists can not see a future that is worth building". And although everyone who gives expects to be rewarded sometime, sometimes it's simply is matter of doing good and not looking at who. Excellent message. Regards

Optimism doesn't come easily for me. I am ever the realist, but I am getting better, slowly but surely. Kids transform your ideals in ways you couldn't imagine. That's been huge. I have also realized that I am responsible for building a better world for them. You indeed have to be somewhat of an optimist to believe that's even possible.

You are just brimming with insight. I really like this analogy.

One of my biggest shortcomings is taking too long to analyze a problem instead of acting more decisively. I suspect there ought to be a balance sometimes depending on the context. I could think of at least one area I am involved where I could apply your advice.

Together, indeed we are stronger and can solve greater problems that one can alone. Sometimes, we just need to take that first step and those among us will fill in the ranks. You motivate the hell out of me, @troglodactyl. Thanks for that.

Yeah, it's definitely a balance and recklessness doesn't help anyone. You have to be ready to jump out of the way of that car if no one helps you or you'll be crushed. :P Picking your battles and how much it's appropriate to risk for each of them is important.

I'm glad to hear my efforts have found success. I've recently realized that networking with others to motivate each other and refine the alignment between goals is one of the most important things we can do in life. I tend to be kind of a loner, so that's something I have to work on.

It is a message of help to the neighbor and reiterates the support that must be among people in hard times despite the fact that it is difficult to understand them. There will always be a way to communicate, to transmit help to those who need it and we may not have all the solution in mind. Dut to take the first step to start the process of help is necessary and the rest will arrive in When the intention to offer the best is present in our souls. Greetings @trogodactyl

Ride a bike. That way if you have to you can push it by yourself. Problem solved.

Good on you for helping out some folks though instead of just honking like most of the dicks out there.

What kind of bike are you rolling BTW?

I ride a Kawasaki Ninja 300. People always ask me when I'm going to get something faster, but it does what I need it to do and I have way too much fun with it already. My wife was pretty nervous about me riding at first, but she's warmed up to it and it's saved us from needing a second car.

I take it you're a Harley guy?

Yeah I'm a Harley guy. Been working on em professionally since 2001. Will be 8 years next month in my own shop. 6 years before that in dealerships. Time flies when you are having fun.

Ride what you like. Who cares what anyone else thinks. I ride a 50cc scooter around town sometimes just to run errands and I'm 6'2" 325lbs.

Well you did a good job there and we do should cope up with the situations at our best !

interesting thoughts on that thanks for sharing it with us :)

this is a very good topic buddy because in this life we ​​desperately need someone else good friend good job

Excellent post you just shared very thought provoking i loved its ingenuity

believing is the first step to get through this tough phase

keep pushing ....
thanks for sharing this one
i din't had this kind of experience yet

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