Italian Seria A Match week 10 result (2019/2020)

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This is Match week 10 of the Italian Seria A. We quickly go through all the matches played in the week 10 of the Italian Seria A as we are behind on schedule.

The Italian Seria A

The week 10 showdown took place during the midweek and a lot went down in this match week.
Let's get things started with match week 10 games and review all results as they appeared.

Verona got things started with tight victory away from home as they traveled away to claim all three points against Parma. A perfect way to respond to their last defeat at home to Sassuolo.

Inter won't take for an answer in this contest as they traveled away from home to play against Brescia. Sharing points in their last game which was played at home against Parma is not a satisfactory way to end a game and gunning for all point was their drive in this matchup.

Italian Seria A Match week 10 results

Napoli are still trying to keep up but their unstable state form has been their problem so far this season. The blowing of hot and cold still caught up with them in this matchup as they failed to shake Atalanta off. The matchup ended in a 2-2 draw.
Sampdoria also, on the other hand, failed to shake Lecce off their back as they both had to settle for a draw after 90min.

Udinese fell flat at home to Roma. Not 1 but 4 goals conceded without a reply. Udinese are still yet to get things right for themselves this season.
Sassuolo also fell to their knees at home against Fiorentina. Thou, Sassuolo tried to come back into the game but Fiorentina were able to keep the difference between them. A deserved away win for Fiorentina.

Cagliari, Juventus, and Milan were home winners against Bolonia, Genoa, and SPAL. Thou, the wins were close ones but all maximum points were still gotten respectively.
Lazio stopped at nothing at home to defeat Torino massively. Torino looked promising in the first opening minutes of the game but they couldn't stand the strength of Lazio.

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