Italian Seria A Match week 8 result (2019/2020)

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Benvenuto in Italia

A step further into the Italian Seria A as we witness the week 8 of one of the most prestigious leagues in the world. The Italian League is getting more intense as the League dips in more into the season and getting closer to where all fingers will be crossed and all ears will standby to hear the name of whoever will be crowned champions of Italy.

We start things off with Lazio, hosting Atalanta at the Olimpico Stadium where things got interesting with both sides taking all best on each other. The matchup was electrifying but both teams were too strong for each other which made it impossible for either anyone of them to win but they both settled for a draw.

At the Estadio San Paolo, Napoli were all over Verona. Napoli got more of the ball and they were able to capitalize on the opportunities that were opened to them. Napoli won the day and claimed all three points.
The last game on Saturday was at the Allianz Stadium where the Old Ladies hosted Bologna in a game filled with energy. Juventus were tested throughout this matchup and in the process conceded a goal. But the difference between Champions and others prevailed as Juventus were able to keep the visitors away from getting the best of them. Juve won the day.

Italian Seria A Match week 8 result

On Sunday, Inter Millan were just all about goals, regardless of if they concede or not. They traveled away from home to claim victory over Sassuolo and to keep their run for the title alive. Meanwhile. Roma were unable to break Sampdoria away from home and both teams could only settle for a draw.

Udinese's lone goal at home against Torino was enough to get them all needed three-point to move further on the log. Cagliari were too strong at home against SPAL. This matchup was superb and Cagliari were on top of their game to win this.
Parma at home against Genoa was a trainwreck. Parma were just too good for SPAL and it all became a riot at the Ennio Tardini Stadium where Parma crushed SPAL.

Milan are still trying to find their mojo and they were held to a 2-2 draw at home by Lecce while Brescia were unable to be flushed away by Fiorentina who are indeed a force to reckon with this season on the Italian Seria A.

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