Modric: Carrying the World Cup better than the Golden Ball

in #sport3 years ago


Luka Modric, captain of the Croatian national team and the Real Madrid player, said the World Cup crown was better than winning the Golden Ball.

He told the press conference that he hoped to win the World Cup in tomorrow's game, and that he focused on it only.

Modric said that coach Zlatko Dalic is a very important person for us and wants us to play well and achieve good results, he cames at a difficult time and gave us confidence and told us that we were playing well despite this crisis, and we reached the final thanks to his instructions.

"He is a fantastic player in his mentality, his fight and his struggle on the pitch, and he also has an exemplary behavior outside the court. I hope he will score in the final as he scored against England," said Modric.

Croatia will face France in the 2018 World Cup final.


He played a wonderful game. Respect.

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