This is the reason for the change of France star Kante in the final of the World Cup

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The change of the star of the French national team Ngulu Canti in the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which brought his country, in front of his Croatian has left everyone surprised and raised many questions, especially that the player was deaf at very high levels during the previous games was a very effective element within the system of the coach .

Tantexport confirmed that Kanti, who came out in the 55th minute of the game, was suffering from severe stomach pains and that was why the player did not help to provide his usual levels. This was what Didier Deschamps, the French coach, was forced to replace, In spite of the fact that N'golo Kanti had played more than fantastic matches during the cuckoo's tour of the World Cup.

The French team beat Croatia 4-0 to qualify for the second time in their history after the 1998 edition.


Oh so that's why KANTE didn't give his 100% as usual thanks for the information mate

They beat Croitia 4-2 .. and I absolutly agree with you regarding KANTE's performance

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