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The sport industry is a unifying industry that have brought all race of human life in a friendly ecosystem and peaceful coexisting due to the pleasure derive from sport and how it also improve our health status.
The sport industry have been in existing for more than decade and as a result more opportunity have been born through the steady growth of the industry. Many of the players have find a source of lively hood and also it have improve the tourism sectors of many nations of the world.

In today world we now have noticeable player who have become a role model, star and also contributed to development of charity in diverse ways.

Although the sport have attracted many talented young players in football, cricket, baseball etc. and they are also looking at building their future in the sport industry but there have been a worrisome challenges face by many players such as how to be features in a team and also how to show case their talent to the world, many have been denied for such access due to inability to get the right team agent and academy in the world of sport. Some are due to geographical locations.

Most players just because they are new to the sport industry they don’t have access to standard pay out with regards to their propose earning which would have given them rooms to negotiate salary according to their input in the club .
Even the team owners also find it difficult in getting the profile of the best choice of players to features in the games which makes many club will have today loses matches to their opponent.
All these challenges links to centralize method of sourcing for team players and databases of professional are simply centralize.

Centralization of the sport industry have created the above challenges and many more , hence is high time we think of solving these challenges and create a decentralized system of operation in the sport industry , in solving this issues ,the WITH Platform was innovated to decentralized the sport industry.


The WITH Platform is a sport platform that is design with the blockchain technology to create a seamless connection between athletes, team owners, fans and sport agent across every areas of sport such as football, basketball, cricket, etc. and also creating a sport career as service platform where all needful information about the player , clubs , agent etc. are stored and can be access on demand in real time with the help of payment of cryptographic money which is fast and easy for transactions .

Base on the high level of experience and involvement in sport by the team , the team is set to change the traditional strategy in sport industry to more robust and revolutionize industry where accessibility to sport data , featuring of players in matching and looking for the right players and clubs at your finger tip.
Hence with just a single click you get the right career information you needed

The above diagram explain the connectivity between the WITH Platform with respect to club, agent and athlete. The connectivity is design to create more transparency, accessibility and flexibility.


Because sport is dynamic in nature, the WITH Platform develop an APP where assessment of past sport can be assessment , players will be able to upload their details about the sport event and their fans will be a able to curate their sport activities which will bring them to more lime light for future selections by clubs owners and agents.

The app have a nice users graphics inter-phase which easy to use by any one, you don’t require formal education before using the app


For every vital information shared on the platform there is a reward. The reward comes in cryptographic money which is called the WINT token. The Wink token is the native token of the WITH Platform. This token can be traded and converted to your own local currency if you choose to, and also it can be used to purchase more services of the WITH platform.
Any information that is shared on the platform that users purchase if the information is proven to be wrong the users is entitle to get his or her WINT token back .



For more information kindly follow this link below
Website: https://www.projectwith.io/
Whitepaper: https://projectwith.io/whitepaper/whitepaper_EN.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/projectwith_eng/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectWITH
Medium: http://hhttps//medium.com/@projectWITH_official

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There's no business which is not to handle with the blockchain, so most sportsman, actors, musicians and so on go with the future and use platforms like WITH:

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