Klopp says he won't demand money to fund big transfers writemore (69)

in #sport8 months ago

With all top 5 sides making transfers and Chelsea fc making big transfers in this transfer window .This will does put pressure Klopp Liverpool fc manager to demand funds for big name transfers. He however , say he will no .

The Premier League champions have made only one senior transfer to date and that also is a replacement of Lovren with Kostas. Liverpool earlier lost out to Chelsea who bought both Werner and Ziyech. Liverpool fc are also looking at Tiago and Sarr. At present it seems like this is also not to be.

Rumors are that Mane might also be sold to Barca. This will surely leave a hugh hole . For me if Liverpool fc don't make some good big transfers we might see them become an ordinary side And who knows it might be another 30 years for them to get another league title.

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