Usain Bolt may play football in Australia's A-league

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Central Coast Mariners FC , chief executive Shaun Mielekamp said "the club had spent four months pursuing a deal with Bolt, and a season-long deal could follow." Mariner is a team that plays soccer in the Australian A-league. To confirm that talks are in process , a Football agent Tony Rallis said" a deal had been agreed "in principle". Rallis is now arranging a salary, and Mielekamp has agreed on 70% of what is asked.

If thinks goes well.He may be speeding up the A-League this season. If thinks go even better and he impresses ,Bolt might interest the Man.United scouts and he can join his childhood supportered team. But for now, he needs to impress Shaun Mielekamp. Mielekamp has said "The most important thing is we wait to find out and see how good a footballer he is first,"and added "Time will tell at what level he is at and if it fits the A-League."

Bolt has amazed the world with his eight-time Olympic gold medals. He had excelled and still holds the title of the fastest man on earth. We wish him the same in his new venture . May he amaze us with his football skills.


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