Canceled College Football Games Hurt

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In what has become yet another casualty of the Pandemic lockdown, Big 10 college football games have been cancelled.

Football is an American tradition, and the Fall is when high schools, colleges and the professionals in the NFL take to the field. I have so many memories of amazing games during this season that it is troubling to see such a thing happening. A recent game between Ohio State and another Big 10 team that was canceled, and fans who would have showed up to patronize bars and hotels did not. This is a blow to college spirit and fans, and has hit the bottom line of the economy and college student's futures.

The economy is suffering in smaller college towns. Many colleges are comprised mainly of the college student population that resides there. Football traditions are hugely engrained in the culture of these small towns, and restaurants, bars and hotels are all supported by the influx of fans.

We need the lockdown to end, and since sports have so many positive effects to the players, fans and economies the cure may be worse than the the disease in this regard. Can't players wear masks and play for a stadium empty of fans?

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