Shot Put - Olympic Sports

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It is a sport discipline that consists in throwing a heavy metal ball towards an undisputed point, trying to do it at a very high speed, accumulating scores if it goes much further than where it was initially launched. It is one of the sports officially included in the Olympic Games.

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Mostly, men handle a sphere of at least 7.26 kg, a fact that can vary depending on the age at which the individual is in, because, if they are in their teens or profess a lower age, they can handle from 5kg up to 6kg; In the case of women, they are allowed to use spheres of 4kg, however, it can be lower if they are younger, being the weight 3kg.

One of the first historical mentions that include the shot put, go back to the VIII century BC, during the Funeral Games carried out in memory of Patroclus. The sport practiced today, was developed from the demonstrations of strength made in Ireland and Scotland. Even the space in which the player is set to launch, has evolved over the centuries, becoming a rectangle to be used, in the present, a circle drawn with lime.

The area of ​​fall or settlement, is characterized by having 34º from the launch sector; this since 2004, since grades have been subtracted over the decades. In addition, it is covered by grass and dirt, to create a kind of balance between the cement of the area where the ball is thrown.

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