More than a game a Sport - Arm Wrestling

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Arm wrestling is a sport involving two participants. Each places one arm on a surface with their elbows bent and touching the surface, and they grip each other's hand. The goal is to pin the other's arm onto the surface, the winner's arm over the loser's arm.

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The Sport of the Arm Wrestling, was born many centuries ago ...

The truth is that nobody knows the exact date, there are some drawings on the walls of the Egypt pyramids where the painters, 3000 years ago left recorded the memories of these times. In some drawings, you can clearly see two people sitting at a table playing overdue.
There are also myths about Vikings, in which it's said they left their mark on what is known today as **ArmSport** (Arm Wrestling). The myths say when the Vikings conquered some lands, from time to time they resolved the conflict by letting the best warriors of the opposing armies. The winner was left with land and the loser with his army fell under the command of the strongest!

Legends, sacred books with more than 5000 years old, ancient statues and history, all of them mention or represent the Arm Wrestling as part of the history of each nation.

Almost everyone in each country, young or old, rich or poor, has had at some point in their life a friendly struggle, at home, at school, at university, in the market or in competition. The FIGHT OF ARMS is an organized sport, one has to familiarize oneself with its bases and regulations before taking part in championships, less or more important.

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In India, known as Panja sport, had legendary strongmen like "Bhirma" won great prizes (often a beautiful woman) playing Arm Wrestling. Undoubtedly, Hercules was a good wrestler, the Turks called the defeated, Bilayak Guresi, the Italians know him as Braccio de Ferro, in Argentina it's known as Pulseadas, in Switzerland as Bras de Fer, in the former state of Manipur (India) as Pambom Muknaba and in English popularly as ArmWrestling and now professionally as Arm Sport.

Since it's organized start in the USA, thanks to the efforts of the founder of the W.A.F. Bob O'Leary, the Fight Of Arms has spread rapidly as a sport all over the world. Panja as we mentioned is known in India, is today one of the most popular sports in that country. In Brazil the Arm Wrestling is very well known; The Sports Council of Brazil has provided its support to this sport, the World Championship of the W.A.F. 1981 was held in Brazil with great success. Dr. Laercio Jorge Martínez was responsible for the Arm Wrestling in Brazil.

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Canada has the honor of being the first country to organize a World Championship in 1979, under the leadership of John Miazdzyk. The World Championships of the W.A.F. they have been celebrated on all continents except Africa; The Olympic Committees of Turkey, Israel and India have already officially recognized this Sport.

The third European Championships that were held in London in 1993. The first Asian Championship was held in India in 1994. The Arm Wrestling as a sport was always there.

In the Department of Sports at the governmental level, Russia, Brazil, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia and India have already recognized the Arm Wrestling as a sport. The W.A.F. is already a candidate for the International Olympic Committee and the recognition of the GAISF.

Today it's with everyone at home, in the office, in schools, in clubs, at the cinema and soon in an Olympic stadium. It's here to stay and be a happy part of the World Sports History.

W.A.F. The organization that controls this sport around the world is a strong candidate to enter the list of O.I.C. and the the GAISF. With a rapid increase in the number of National Federations candidates to be part of the W.A.F. the successful career of this and an effective promotion of the **Arm Wrestling** as a sport that is around the world increases.

One has to look at the proud symbols of Arm Wrestling organizations at local, state and national levels to appreciate that this sport is known all over the world and that it is part of the History.

In this way, traveling around the world, in some places it was known as a type of training and in others it is a sacred sport. For those who do not know, i want to tell you something important. Arm Wrestling was consecrated as an Olympic sport a few years ago, in most European countries, in the US, Australia, Canada, and many countries in Latin America, it is a well-known sport.

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