2017 NFL Winner-Takes-All Picks: Week 6

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The contest has been tough the last few weeks, but season records are still accumulating and leaders are starting to emerge.

In week five of the 2017 NFL season and the Winner-Takes-All contest, a new contestant broke onto the scene with a perfect 5 – 0 record...and took home the victory for the week! This contestant, @alixs, was the only perfect record for the week, so no tiebreakers were necessary. Eleven other contestants had a record of 4 – 1 this week. So congratulations to @alixs for the perfect picks!

The pot for the weekly contest was 42 SBD. The rewards for the winner have been transferred and you can verify the transfer in my Steem wallet.

These are the current leaders based on contestants who have participated in at least four of the first five weeks of the season.

ContestantRecordWin %
@sevinwilson18 – 70.72
@andy2313 – 70.65
@artistannie13 – 70.65
@chops31613 – 70.65
@liberty-minded16 – 90.64
@mikeshuh16 – 90.64
@steem-d-anlovnit16 – 90.64
@sardrt15 – 100.60
@shaunf12 – 80.60
@thundersam12 – 80.60

Winner-Takes-All: Week 6

Game Selections

The game selections for Week 6 of the Winner-Takes-All contest are listed below. Choose your game winners and point totals for each of the Sunday night and Monday night games (in bold and italics). Game schedules are from NFL.com.

Sunday, October 15th

Game TimeVisitorHome
1:00pm ETBearsRavens
1:00pm ET49ersRedskins
4:25pm ETChargersRaiders
8:30pm ETGiantsBroncos

Monday, October 16th

Game TimeVisitorHome
8:30pm ETColtsTitans

Contest Rules

1 – Contestants must choose one winner for each of the selected games. Contestants can only enter one weekly submission per account. Submissions must be entered prior to the first scheduled game time. LATE SUBMISSIONS OR EDITS MADE TO SUBMISSIONS AFTER THE START OF THE FIRST GAME WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE CONTEST – NO EXCEPTIONS.

2 – Contestants must choose point totals for each of the Monday and Sunday night games. If there are two or more contestants with the same amount of correct picks for the week, then the contestant closest to the game point totals will be the winner. Monday night games will be the first tie-breaker and Sunday night games will be the second tie-breaker. (For the weeks when there are not one game being played on each night, special tie-break rules will be mentioned and applied.) If contestants are still tied after the tie-breakers have been applied, then the contestant who submitted their picks first will be the winner.

3 – The weekly Winner-Takes-All records of contestants will accumulate throughout the regular season to determine a WTA season winner. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE SEASON CONTEST, CONTESTANTS MUST PARTICIPATE IN A MINIMUM OF SEVEN (7) WEEKLY WTA CONTESTS. Contestants that have four (4) or more identical selections (picks and points) of other users will not be eligible for the season contest. The three (3) contestants with the best season records will share the season pot, divided as follows:

PlaceReward Percentage

At the end of the regular season, I will announce a potential playoff contest for a minimum of 8 top contestants throughout the season. The potential playoff format and rules have not been determined at this time, so watch for future updates.

Post Rewards and Payouts

The full SBD rewards from each of the weekly posts will be dedicated to the weekly contest payouts, seasonal payouts, and my fantasy sports development fund. These rewards will be divided as follows:


Good luck to everyone!

Special thanks to @blocktrades for their continued support of these sports contests!

Please show them support in return with a witness vote and by using the BlockTrades services to quickly exchange digital currencies!



@ats-david I am too busy to actually read your post. Can you please reply to me personally and reiterate all of the intructions you've posted above to me individually in this comment section?

My Choctaw relatives will be very pleased!

Thank you and may Jesus walk upon your tub water and look down with a satisfactory nod and wink!

Sorry, buddy - I'm too busy to respond to your request. Please read the section of the post that's titled "Contest Rules."

Namaste and god bless, brosef! The universe loves you...and something about a tank and stuff. Oooooeeeeeeeeee!

Does the universe love me? I help leprechauns play chase with their gold.

Pick the winner of each of the 5 games. For the last 2 games, also guess the total points scored (sum of both teams scores) as a tie breaker.

Time to join this NFL thing - seems you are a driver of all sports related stuff here @ats-david - like your content and views i checked in comments

i wish i could participate

Giants 45
Titans 49

Broncos - 38
Colts - 48

Broncos 49
Titans 37

Broncos 47
Titans 49

Giants 37

Titans 43

Broncos 48
Titans 57

Broncos 38
Colts 45

DEN - 36
TEN - 56

Broncos - 49
Titans - 43

Missed the first two games of the day! I will take a loss!


Broncos - 44
Titans - 48

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