How is your March Madness Bracket doing? - by @thedogekid

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Some family and friends got together and filled out a NCAA bracket this year.

We know pretty much nothing about college basketball and don't watch or pay attention to any of it in the least.

Which means our picks are pretty uninformed to say the least.

I'm doing pretty good...

This year there was 8 of us that put in Brackets and now that we are down to the Final 4, I find myself barely in the lead of our little pool.

Clinging mere points over my Mom who is in second place.

The funny thing is that her bracket was completely automated and she is almost in first place.

Not that I really know what I am doing, but I do usually pick the teams that traditionally have done well in the past.

Getting beat by pure chance?

What is even more funny is that my brother told me that his friend flipped a coin for every pick and ended up picking an entire region correctly, with coin flips.

So, a coin flip bracket outperformed all 8 of our picks.

How is that supposed to make you feel?!

This year more than any other that I can remember seems to have major surprises and upsets.

How has your bracket done this year?


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My bracket was busted with Virginia loss; however, that affected everybody else too. So, I am still in the hunt for the top spot.
I ran a small Steem Pool and I entered a few others, always with the same bracket picks.
As it has turned out, if Villanova wins it all, then other people will win. But if Villanova loses, then there is a chance that I could stay near the top.
The upsets have been incredible this year.
If you are interested, I'm also running a challenge/contest for the Final Four games, the semi-final game challenges/contests are posted.

Have you ever thought of taking up Boxing or Karate?

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