Broncos Fan Profiles KC Chiefs fans! The delusional/fanhood matrix.

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This week is Broncos vs Chiefs in the last game of the year....for the Broncos anyway. Delusional Kansas City Chiefs fans have come out of the woodworks all over the globe. Please use this delusional fan hood matrix to help you deal with these obnoxiously delusional Chiefs Fans.


Dude Brady is already the best, wouldn't mind seeing someone else win.

No it can be the Steelers

it was a gud game though
but sad we lost it

Go hard or go home for the broncos , they got fa play smart

@broncnutz You be like

nice vedio frnd like n upvoted i love sports.

Broncnutz slapping some history on them, time to open a counseling outfit in K.C.

HAHAHAAAAAA you’ve really thought about this haven’t you Cuz? 🤣 ... our 2nd & 3rd string team is rolling into Mile High and spanking your worthless asses this Sunday. Broncos are hasbeen’s, it’s time to move over for the era of the CHIEEEEEEEEEFS. I’m still re-steaming this though, because any guy that wears Broncos sunglasses inside is clearly dillusional 🤣👍🏻

Haha hilarious. As a Raiders fan, I needed a good laugh after this season went. Thank you for this video!

Who do you hate the least? Chiefs or Patriots? If not the Broncos in the Super Bowl then who? Tom Brady has too many championships rings! One more and Tom will be a lock for the best QB of all time! If he loses in the playoffs then we can still brag about Payton Manning! Hopefully the Jets will win this Sunday and take away Momentum.

I guess the Chiefs think so little of the Broncos they’re going to start their rookie quarterback against us his name is Patrick Mahomes #15.

Yea well he actually might be better than Alex Smith. He's just young but he's the real deal I think.

I have high respect for Peyton Manning but after last year's Patriots comeback there is no doubt about the best QB of all time for me!

And have no fear guys ... We'll beat the shit out of Chiefs if we get them! :D

Go Patriots =)

Well that's a hard choice but I hate the Chiefs most. I think Pittsburgh looks pretty solid. Championship worthy team.

Didn't that chant come from the 90s Atlanta Braves? Was FSU using it before then?

Anyways kudos on still repping your Broncos fandom at the end of an average season. Personally, I could use some delusion. I've endured almost an entire season of Bears football!

Also, wow you get a lot of spam posts. You posted this about a half hour ago and there are almost a good 10 spammers already.

They are thick in here

There is always next year for both of us!

I'm a Bears fan too... I was hoping we'd do something when we got rid of Cutler... wrong again.. at least we beat Cleveland..

Ha ha ha... unicorn fan zone!

Excellent @broncnutz! I'd love to see your chart for us Texans fans, heh.

Lol I think I died.

Ohhh man....I love a rivalry with charts! Going up like Bitcoin! Fantastic!

I know Denver Broncos will fire against Chiefs..No need to worries. I'll com-firmly believe Broncos win the game.

What ever dispensary you went to must have the chronic..

Hey, man, you are cool!! I like this video)

Professor Broncnutz! Taking us to school on the matrix. 8 Super Bowls enuf said! 😀

Get out your pads and pencils......skool is in session! 😂😂😂

A few more such videos - and I will begin to actively explore football...yee)

super game i always like this Broncos vs Chiefs..

You are the father of new matrix.

i love to play this and this is nice video, thanks for sharing, what an experience that would have been simply outstanding....

Enjoy game! Excellent. Broncnutz

I hope the eagles win the super bowl

I'm in support of Broncos.

Good post Broncnutz follow me please and upvote

i love this games, nice video thanks and advance happy new year, @broncnutz

I wanna use this delusional fan hood matrix to help me deal with these obnoxiously delusional Chiefs Fans.But I do not know how to use ?Please help to do .Thanks @broncnutz

amazing video really nice.many many tnx for share this video...

I like this game, very nice video boss,your are always super,thanks for sharing.

i like this game very much.useful video.thank for sharing

I hope the eagles win the super bowl and break the jinx like cavs and cubs did it in their respective sports.

Excellent video. its a really.

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wonderful video. great job.

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Nice video . I love this game !

great post super video

@broncnutz my dear friend
I'm really know and trust Denver Broncos will fire against Chiefs..No need to worries....
I'm always stay with U and broncos team...we want not only win...broncos team playing good...that is enough...I think all games importsnt this point...
minimum mistakes = maximum chance to win...

Go Broncos! In Denver Colorado!

Wow! Great plan to play. I like to play football.

go ahead and we support you!

what a video really amazing.. ///

thanks @broncnutz for the news

Mind touch video. i like this game sir

All the best for last game of the year.

Good luck for last game of the year , may new year coming with good games for you.

great work really a nice

i think this is the best game in the world...

I just joined Steemit and live in Greeley! Nice to see more Colorado people here and doing well. I have loved the Broncos since I was 3. They always seem to start out strong and then fall apart, even back to the Shanahan era. I was able to go to a game a few years ago thanks to a friend who was a Chiefs fan. The Chiefs won, that was horrible! Anyway I think it would be cool to see Minnesota or the Rams win it all.

@broncnutz - Sir my prediction, Broncos will win this match... This sunglass is we suited to you Sir... <3


Nice speech brother.

I hope it works out!

This is a nice game. I like the game very well thank you so much for sharing

time for boncos to finish the things off in style

I like this game and loved your every video ,,thanks

Excellent post. I love to play this and this is nice video. Thanks for sharing.What an experience that would have been simply outstanding....


Love this game and i like your video...Go ahead and play... @broncnutz i support you...thanks for sharing and my wish for you...

I Following to your post and i see this your information is asam.thanks you sir.One more and Tom will be a lock for the best QB of all time! If he loses in the playoffs then we can still brag about Payton Manning! Hopefully the Jets will win this Sunday and take away Momentu.upvote and resteemed

super cool stuff you shared today it was great to watch :D

super video sir,really nice game i like this..

The year ended game will be rocking. Its amazing gaming adventure. Go broncos Go..


that chant hahah ouuuuoo oudhfdoif hahahh

matrix nice.........
thanks for nice video fun matrix!

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Excellent video @broncnutz
thanks for sharing
have a nice day........///////

I hope the broncos whoop the Chiefs in the last game of the season to knock them down a peg.

Hey Broncnutz, Great video. Love the jacket. Going to go follow you and see what else you post. I am a life-long Cowboys fan, but once I got hooked on fantasy football I have become a fan of players. I guess I was always like that though. In my youth watching Elway play made me into a bit of a Broncos fan. Nowhere near the level you are, but a fan nonetheless. Similar thing happened with the Chiefs back when Priest Holmes was playing for them, or maybe even back when Montana headed that way. Overall the West is always a fun division to watch year in and year out really.
Look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Love your bronco jacket. No go zone, beer drinking zone, danger zone etc KC delusional fans. Broncos got this one so KC go to sleep.

I'm a broncos fan. So why am happy another Chiefs wins? Don't mind. The greatest match before ending this year. More hopes...

"Denver Broncos will be win the year end match"

giphy (53).gif

loved the comparison only you can make it interesting

This man is just awsome and no words for him
The way he express his feelings and your gogals are also awsome this man have great confidence and speaking power

this seasons last game finish it on a high note with a victory boys

Brv u look lit!

hahah you always do epic things

very good post I hope you visit mine and you like it

This is what i call awesomeness

love the the video AND the outfit! I wish sports broadcasters had your sense of style, would make for much more entertaining television :)

Wow very good video sir. try to love work. good Luke.
Thanks @broncnutz
Have great day.

well m a massive fan of was sad seeing them losing but yea well played Chiefs

broncos got to win this one for the fans

broncos game will speak more than haters

Lmfao! Great video!

Up the Broncos, my team will win, top Broncos, top Broncos, winner, winner, Ueeeeeee!!

lets make it memorable broncos the last of the 2017

Remember the old Elway, Montana days.. Nigerian Nightmare etc.. This has been an excellent rivalry for years.. I'm only a KC fan as it was the only game I ever attended with my dad before he passed away.. Sitting there in Arrow head stadium freezing my 12 year old ass off as we watched the Raiders kick the shit out the Chiefs.. Regardless of their play.. they have a bad ass mascot. KC wolf is funny as hell..

Thats a great post,,
i am a big #fan of you,,

keep it up,,
i always #support you

Thank you @broncnutz

OH! man you are looking so rocking.
All the best.

the donkeys will get embarrassed this sunday chiefs defense is clicking offense too you guys dont have a chance

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My favorite team is Broncos.

Very nice post. Happy New Year