Chicago Bulls end 7 game skid, beat the Timberwolves 114-113

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The Bulls fought back from 17 points down to win by one as Jimmy Butler missed a game-winning shot attempt at the buzzer.


It wasn't too long a go that these two had opposite jerseys on.


Zach LaVine had 35 points for the Bulls, including the 11 points of the game for his team. Those included 3 made free throws with 18 seconds left to give the Bulls the lead. Jerian Grant handled the offense well leading 6 players into double figures as he dished out 11 assists to go with his 14 points and 8 rebounds.


Jimmy Butler had an impressive night as he backed up his 38 pint performance with 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals. With a line like that, the Bulls were fortunate to watch his last shot rim out at the buzzer. Karl-Anthony Towns had a mediocre performance, with 14 points and 10 rebounds, a sign that the Bulls are getting stronger down low.


Chicago will look to make it two wins in a row as they host the Washington Wizards at 8pm est today!
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Truly a fan of Levine, hopefully the bulls can at least get the 8th seed in postseason.

Upvoted! decided to Follow, would love to see the Bulls play one day in Chicago, eventhough I suported the Jazz when I was younger.
Great to see somebody post about the NBA
I post about the NBA every Sunday
All the others just post bets.
Also had a season seat of the Raptors when I lived there and will go to California to watch the Warriors, kings and clippers

Who didn't love watching the Stockton/Malone pick & roll!!!

Followed back, good luck with your blog and have a great day!

Thanks for the Resteem, really helpfull like to connect with as many Basketball fans. I even have a Stockton and Malone jersey framed in my apartment

As a Pistons fan, I think the best rivalry is between Bulls and Pistons. I just miss those old games where they play strong. The Bad Boys Era and the Jordan Rules. Now I think both of the are in a period of rebuilding and this rivlary will come back again, and we are going to enjoy it.

The game was more raw back then!!

Also, thanks for grooming Dennis Rodman for us, he fit in nicely! :-)

Ahh yes! The Worm! Sometimes I watch old games and saw how he strives to reach the ball. It was fantastic. And after years, you try to do the same thing with Big Ben but it did not work like Rodman, did it?

I believe LaVine is going to have a great second half of the season.

That is the hope!

Zach Lavine is averaging only one point less than last year, while playing 13.5 minutes less! What's more, he's just now shaking the injury rust off!

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