BOOM! Cavaliers Won! Remote-Viewing NBA Prediction Was A Hit!

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Cavaliers won. Prediction came true!!!

Per my remote-viewing session posted yesterday (, I predicted a home team, which ended up being the Cavaliers, to beat the visiting Miami Heat.


This was done blind. I don't know ahead of time what the teams are and DO NOT want to know. Knowledge of the teams involved can induce analytical judgement, hopes, desires, etc. and you want pure remote-viewing of the raw data coming to your subconscious, guided by remote-viewing protocol. Otherwise, your hit-rate will surely be affected adversely.

By default, I always choose the game with the closest spread, in order to maximize payout. Those games are the toughest games to predict coincidently and obviously.

In this case, the protocol I used is called DPP, or direct-precognition protocol, meaning I remote-view a blind event directly rather than using ARV, which is associational. I get all the raw data I can until I feel like I am at an event with observers, then I go for the emotions at various stages. How the "observers"(the home crowd) feel about the event immediately after the conclusion, is how I make the prediction. If they are happy, satisfied, obviously the team probably one. If they are upset or disappointed, it's a good shot the home team lost.

I am now 9/10 with this method:

There will be more predictions to come, based on my preferred method of DPP. Follow me to stay tuned.

Link to the prediction, in cased you missed it:

Check out:

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Thank you. Please follow and upvote! . . . .. . Let's bring remote-viewing mainstream!


Well done, FD! 9 out of 10 is rare all right!

Thanks. Looking forward to your posts. Welcome to Steemit!

I think @jonk8 that one of the differences between your SUARV and DPP is that by directly remote-viewing the event, you are able to get more feedback. You can check the raw data, the shapes, even the score at different intervals and compare to your session. That confirmation is good for development of your abilities and your confidence. It's proved accurate, as well. (so far)

I would like to see you post about SUARV on Steemit soon and other topics.

ok I am curious do you say to yourself ok I am going to blindly remote view the home team of the match with the closest spread (without knowing which team(s) they are) and then try and sense the emotions of the crowd as they are leaving? is that what you are doig? I am doing srv and have a publicly documented 15 cent roi since 9/11 on about 170 picks but am a beginner in RV and am looking for other methods to test.


Excellent ROI!

Yes, that is pretty much it. I don't go directly for the emotions, since I feel like the perceptions will get more accurate the longer the session. That's just remote-viewing basics. I wait until I feel I'm ready before I perceive emotions.

ok I am going to experiment with this

I wish you much success!