Soccer trading selections Monday 25th September. 10K Challenge day 2

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Hi guys,

 I'm trading the following match today.  Any in play moves will be posted on Twitter: Hopefully we can build onto yesterday's profit of 1.495 pts.
If I find a could in play trade, I'll post it on Twitter.
Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm available on both Steemit and Twitter (DM).  

  • 20.20 (CEST): Cork City vs Dundalk: Over 2.5 0.6 pts (€6) @2.00. The odds are not sufficient yet, so I placed it at 2.00. It either gets matched if the odds go up, or else In Play. If a goal is scored before the odds get to 2.00, I won't enter the trade. (Betfair Exchange)

Good luck and see you on Twitter!


Great post and very informative. @football-trader Have learnt a lot from it.