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RE: BOOM! Cavaliers Won! Remote-Viewing NBA Prediction Was A Hit!

in #sports4 years ago

ok I am curious do you say to yourself ok I am going to blindly remote view the home team of the match with the closest spread (without knowing which team(s) they are) and then try and sense the emotions of the crowd as they are leaving? is that what you are doig? I am doing srv and have a publicly documented 15 cent roi since 9/11 on about 170 picks but am a beginner in RV and am looking for other methods to test.



Excellent ROI!

Yes, that is pretty much it. I don't go directly for the emotions, since I feel like the perceptions will get more accurate the longer the session. That's just remote-viewing basics. I wait until I feel I'm ready before I perceive emotions.

ok I am going to experiment with this

I wish you much success!

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