Yupun Abeykoon on record as the fastest man in South Asia

in #sportslast month


Yupun Abeykoon set the South Asian and Sri Lankan records in the men's 100m yesterday (08).
That was at an international athletics meet in Germany.
Yupun Abeykoon competed in the men's 100m at the International Athletics Championships in Germany.
Yupun finished the event in 10 seconds, 1.6 seconds, setting the South Asian record and the Sri Lankan record in the men's 100m.
Yupun Abeykoon broke the record set by Himasha ishan last year by finishing the event in 10 seconds, 2 seconds and 2 seconds.
Yupun Abeykoon, the new South Asian and Sri Lankan record holder in the men's 100m, is a resident of Italy.


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