Daily Sports Picks 0.01 SBD - 1 SBD Double Up Guaranteed 24hr payment

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Welcome to Daily Sports Picks! Pick and Win to easily Double your SBD.

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Rules are really simple:
Minimum Entry is 0.01 SBD
Maximum Entry is 1 SBD
You decide how much to risk. Every Win Pays 2x! 0.01 pays out 0.02. 1 SBD pays out 2 SBD. and so on....
Watch for Daily Postings. Many Sports and variety of game choices.
1 Entry is for a SINGLE game pick. No Parlays, no crazy odds. Play the spread for Simple 2x payout.
To Enter Simply send your entry fee to @jdean and place your pick in the reply section of the posting.
All Entry Fees MUST be received before START of the Game

Lets use this example:
Screenshot (222).png
We have 4 games to choose from today. 1 Game per Entry. So if you want to play all 4 games you would have to make 4 seperate entries.
I like the Spurs at Home getting +7.5 points so i will take the following steps.
1.) Send my Entry Fee of 0.01 SBD - 1 SBD to @jdean
2.) In the posting reply i will simply put, SAS +7.5
Thats it. All Done. You may enter all games with as little or as much SBD within the limits but each Game MUST be a seperate entry and a seperate Reply.

All Winning Picks will be paid 2x's the cost of Entry within 24hrs. A quick, easy, fun way to Double Up some SBD

Feel Free to Ask any Questions or Leave any Comments. This is for Entertainment Purposes Only.
Both Winning and Losing SBD are a reality. By playing you agree you are 18 yrs of age or older.